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About this mod

Add shields that you can use to block and much more!

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Shields and Items

      This mod adds usable shields and many more items to the game. This started as a small project but as time went on it kept growing. Right now the mod features:

  • Over 40 shields to use in gameplay from all factions
  • 56 New armor pieces
  • 12 Hoods
  • 2 Cloaks/Capes
  • An entirely new merchant, easily found in the Vizima palace gardens!
  • New witcher armors with custom abilities!


      Shields can be used in combat for blocking incoming attacks, arrows and giving an extra resistance to heavy-hitting attacks. Geralt only blocks from the front using the shields, so you can get hit by an arrow from behind. There are shields from every faction from the game, from Skellige shields to Ofieris shields and Toussaint shields. Once you equip the shield, press the use item button to bring out the shield and put it away.
      There is an in-game menu for feature customization under the options menu, though you might need to re-equip the shield to apply the effect. To use shields while on horseback and climbing, download the Better Torches mod. 
      Huge shoutout to 
erxv who made the shield combat possible, without him they would be just a cosmetic! Go show him some love!

See the image section for the locations the shields can be bought from.


Other Items

      This mod has also includes the 
More Robes mod, with all of it's content bundled with this (this is done to reduce the mod limit), so you don't need to have both mods installed, just this one. And all of the new armor pieces received custom new abilities that grant you skills free of charge, without requiring you to put points into your skill tree and equipping the skills. Make sure to check the item's descriptions for what effects they give! There is also a complete Nilfgaardian Knight set of armor, with helmets included for you to use.


1. Download the file;
2. Extract all 3 folders to your main game's directory;
3. If you have any scripts that edit and, merge them with the Script Merger;
4. Launch the game and buy the content from the merchants.


1. Remove dlc_shields and mod_shields from the DLC and Mods folder;
2. Remove shieldBehavior.xml from /The Witcher 3/bin/config/r4game/user_config_matrix/pc/.

Note: If you are going to post about an issue you are having, be sure to post any other mods that you are using that may conflict with it and your game version and beware the mod limit, this has been tested as working without any other mods on version 1.31 of the game, make sure to update the script part of the mod when installing a new version.

v1.01 - Fixed Nilfgaardian Armor localization and moved helmets and capes into the Armor category, also renamed mod_shields to modshields to avoid issues with Script Merger.
v1.02 - Added Menu to customize the mod's features and settings. Made the Nilfgaardian Set a Heavy Armor instead of light. Small fix with the shaved hairstyles and ponytail with the hoods. Added medallions to the Black Frock and Barber Surgeon armor.
v1.03 - Fixed Menu localization.
v1.04 - Script improvements, arrows positions is now more varied and Blood and Wine no longer needed to work.
v1.05 - Added new armor sets, pieces and a brand new merchant!

v1.06 - Fixes applied to Wild Hunt Pants, improved pants interaction with the Hunter Armor, improves some vanilla armors.
v1.07 - Bugfixes.
v1.08 - Added new armor sets and custom effects to them, fixed Hoods permanently and added new features to them, improvements to vanilla armors, make sure to update your scripts when installing a new version.
v1.09 - Added new armor sets and custom hoods and physics.
v1.10 - Adds new armor sets, adds new helmets, visual improvements to many already new existing armors.
v1.10a - Fixed invisible armors.

Credits and cool people!

CD Projekt RED for the game
erxv for the awesome scripts
CAPA14 for testing, tips and more
SkacikPL for the tips
Holgar96 for letting me use some stuff from his TW2 Gear mod
georgetziotis because yes
rfuzzo for the German translation and custom new abilities and hood features.
Bass75 for the French translation
Aquileon for the Spanish translation