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Visual mod that can dymaically change eye texture in game. Default behavior changes eyes black with toxicity. Eyes move both when effect is inactive and active.

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  • Polish

Formerly called Dynamic Toxic Black Eyes.  This mod changes the appearance of Geralt's eyes once a condition is met.  This condition, called Activation Trigger in the mod settings, is by default the 50% toxicity threshold.  This number can be changed in the settings.  The eyes are just like the vanilla eyes so there is zero clipping and they now move.
The current Activation Triggers you can choose from are:
Toxicity ThresholdDark EnvironmentToxicity Threshold while in Dark EnvironmentCat Potion effect activeWitcher Senses activeIn Combat DayCombat DarkButton TriggerAlways OnAlways Off

The mod now supports loading two alternate eye textures at once: Black Eyes and Alt Eyes.  By default, Alt Eyes is a duplicate of Black Eyes - see APPEARANCE VARIANTS below for Alt Eye options.

The game has a different head entitiy for every beard stage if the player has the tattoo, the demon mark, both, and none.  This mod creates another set of all these heads (names appended with "alt_") that point to the same head mesh as their vanilla counterparts, but point to an alternate eye mesh.  The alternate eye mesh points to an alternate texture mesh.
When the set Activation Trigger is met, the mod swaps the current head entitiy to the appropriate alternate head entitiy with an alternate eye texture, then reverts the appropriate vanilla entity when the condition is no longer met.

By default mods that change the head mesh or texture are comptabile - they will also change the alt head meshes (since the alt head entity points to the vanilla head mesh location).  The mod is still compatible with Adnan4444's Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra Mod, and any retextures of it.

Mods that change the eye texture will only change the default (inactive state) eye texture of this mod.  To change the Alt Eye texture, a compatible mod must be made.  Changing the Black Eye would need it's own unique texture mod.

Mods that add new head entities aren't compatible by default.  An exception is New HairStyles and Beards for Geralt, where a patch for modulareyes script and dlc was specially made.

Script mods that change (,,,,, are not compatible without merging scripts.  For those not comfortable with merging scripts, the  misc files have versions of this mod compatible with the following popular script mods - no merging required but you will still need the other mod installed of course:
  • Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition
  • Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition - Lazarus Project
  • Ghost Mode
  • FCR3 - Immersion and Gameplay Tweaks
  • Custom Toxicity FX Thresholds
  • Appearances Menu Mod
  • Promods
  • Friendly HUD
If you have any of those mods installed you don't know how to merge scripts, you should use the appropriate modModularEyes from the misc section, and not the vanilla modModularEyes.

Scoutbr0's Glowing Witcher Eyes
, and raderith's 52 And A Half Eyes  both have a supported Alt Eyes texture.  Changes the Alt Eye effect from a duplicate of Black Eyes to something else.  Follow regular install directions, then also install the Alt Eyes that you want.


***Unification Patch may be required if you don't have 1.32GOTY***
  1. If you have the legacy version of this mod (dlcblackeyes & modtoxicity), first uninstall following the directions below.
  2. Download dlcModularEyes, extract and place dlcModularEyes it in your dlc folder of your Witcher 3 install directory and copy paste the 'bin' folder into your Witcher 3 install directory (the folder that has 'dlc' 'mods' 'bin' 'content' etc).
  3. If you have no script mods installed, download modModularEyes for Vanilla, extract and place it in your mods folder
  4. If you have one of the supported script mods installed (as listed in the Compatibility section), download the appropriate modModularEyes from the misc section, extract and place it in your mods folder.  Make sure it has load priority over the supported script mod (by default this is determined by alphabetical order and it should already be in the correct order).  Do not merge anything.
  5. (Optional) Download modToxicFace if you would like the toxic face effect retexture, extract and put it in your mods folder
  6. ON FIRST LAUNCH: Go to your in game mod settings for modular eyes and adjust the sliders.  Settings aren't active if they've never been touched but will update on every subsequent menu change.

VERSION 2.0 - 2.12
  • Load your game and make sure the modular eyes aren't currently active.  Save and Exit
  • Delete dlcModularEyes from your dlc folder, modModularEyes and modToxicFace (if present) from your mods folder.  In your bin, delete [Install Directory]\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\modulareyesconfig.xml
VERSION 1.22 - 1.40
  • Load your game and make sure the blackeyes aren't currently active.  Save and Exit.
  • Delete dlcblackeyes from your dlc folder, modtoxicity and modToxicFace (if present) from your mods folder.

  • Make sure you have dlcModularEyes in your dlc folder, and modModularEyes in your mods folder.
  • If you're using a supported script mod, make sure you only the correct version of modModularEyes in your mods folder.
  • If you're using an unsupported script mod that changes,,,,, or, you'll have to attempt a merge using modModularEyes for vanilla as a base.  Code modified from vanilla will have //modulareyes next to or surrounding it.
  • If it's first launch, make sure you first adjust the mod settings in game, as the settings don't take effect until you mess with it.
  • Alt Eyes look identical to Black Eyes unless you download an appropriate compatible texture mod that targets the eye you want.  Vanilla texture mods will only change the inactive default eye
  • If you have an alt eye texture mod, note that black eyes will always override alt eyes
Thanks to:
raderith - Bug reporting, beta testing, Russian translation, and general help
AgentofFenrir - Bug reporting and beta testing

eragontrible - Bug reporting and beta testing
GodsMistake - Bug reporting and feature suggestions
Meuhoua - Bug reporting and providing save file for testing
Adnan4444 - Feedback and bug reporting
teresatiger - Assistance with code optimization removing the need for console commands in installation
CAPA14's AMM for proof of concept for implementing version 1.40, and general framework for implementing new classes for version 2.0
W3EE Mod Team for demonstrating how to incorporate button toggles
Scoutbr0 for providing Alternate Eye texture
raderith for providing Alternate Eye texture 
MarvelMaster for modding tutorials
Witcher 3 Modding articles on Gamepedia wiki