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Undiscovered map markers (excluding those of cities) are indistinct or invisible.

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Ever wondered how your character knows that the undiscovered place somewhere ahead - still unseen - is a cave, a shack, or a shipwreck? While knowing the rough location of the major cities makes some sense, for other places it seems the dragonborn has a strange prescience. This mod aims to solve this issue.

All undiscovered location map markers - excluding the cities - are either replaced with an indistinct symbol (choose one of two options) or are rendered invisible. As additional options, I use the same method (making the map marker transparent) to remove enemy icons from the compass and the player location marker from the map. Finally, I have built-in compatibility with several popular UI mods.


Due to editing hudmenu.gfx and map.swf, it will not be compatible with other mods that alter the same. These files contain the icons used by the HUD, the compass, and the map, but not the map itself or map marker locations.

I have included in the fomod compatibility files for several mods that add color to map markers: Color Quest and Capital Map Markers, Colour Map Markers and Pastel Map Markers, and also - from Skyrim LE - Limo's Map Markers and Not Another Color Map Icon Mod [NACMIM]. For Pastel Map Markers, to keep with its theme, I have created pastel versions of the two options of indistinct undiscovered map markers.

I have also included compatibility files for SkyUI and SkyHUD (again for vanilla and for all four color options listed above). There is an optional file for LIHUD2, but it is limited to the vanilla colors.


The primary version is for SSE v1.5.3+, but I retain the last working version for SSE v1.4.2 as an optional file. Currently there are only three difference between them:  the older version still supports Minimalistic HUD and does not support SkyUI SSE, while the newer version is the opposite. Both versions support SkyHUD and the following map marker coloration mods: Colour Map Markers, Limo Map Markers, NACMIM, and Pastel Map Markers, but the newer version also supports Color Quest and Capital Map Markers.

Recommendations / Credits

I encourage the use of SkyUI and SkyHUD and also a colorizing map marker mod such as Color Quest and Capital Map Markers, Colour Map Markers, Pastel Map Markers, or Simple Color Map Markers, as I patched files from their mods to make the versions of this mod that are compatible with their mods. Minimalistic HUD is also enjoyable from time to time. Unfortunately, neither Limo's Map Markers nor NACMIM have been ported to SSE, but I also give well deserved credit to their creators - Limosk and SHiva64 - for their pioneering work in colorizing the icons used in maps and compasses. Both Pastel Map Markers and EzEs Map Markers were based upon their works.

Finally, while it is not available for Skyrim SE, I was initially inspired by the mod Immersive Undiscovered Locations, although I expanded what is not pre-discovered (no longer including the Jarl's homes, the College of Winterhold, etc), created my own variant indistinct map marker icons, and included options for invisible undiscovered map markers and for invisible enemy markers.

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