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A replacement plugin for Warmonger Armory that provides the belt-worn Dragon Priest masks, but nothing else.

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As far as I can find, the only belt-worn dragon priest mask mod on PC is Warmonger Armory. But WA adds a lot more than just that. So I made this plugin that does nothing but add belt-worn variants of all the dragon priest masks, both base-game and from Dragonborn.

The belt-worn masks are crafted with the original mask and a leather strip, and can be crafted back into the original mask. The recipes only appear if you have the relevant item in your inventory, so they don't clog up the crafting menu.

This mod requires Warmonger Armory to be installed. Just remember to disable WA's plugin, because there's no point using both plugins together.

Also included are patches for Requiem and Fozar's Dragonborn.