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Sil Gahrot is a mod made to allow you to learn Words of Power by killing dragons.

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Sil Gahrot is a mod made to allow you to learn Words of Power by killing dragons. You will be able, by chance, to learn almost every shout, except main quests ones. It doesn’t remove the Word Walls, so if you want to explore dungeons for them, you are still able to, but you are not forced anymore in doing all the guild questlines for a Dragonborn playthrough. Learned Words of Power are not unlocked by default, so you still have a choice on how to use your Dragon Souls. It also features a MCM to configure the learning chance in-game.

Sil Gahrot has a few edits to vanilla content as well, to allow it to not break the game.

  • Angarvunde quest has been edited to end when opening the boss chest.
  • The Words of Power and Shout - Learn About Word Wall quests have been removed, to avoid them getting stuck into your quest journal.
  • Volsung doesn’t wait for you to learn Whirlwind Sprint.


Sil Gahrot comes with in-built compatibility for Stormcrown - A Shout Overhaul, Forceful Tongue - Shouts Overhaul and Wyrmstooth and does need a patch for mods that add new Shouts into the game.

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