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Fixes the placement and characteristics of lights throughout Skyrim. Aspires to keep the intended vanilla feel, while actually making light come from light sources and not be absurdly bright or dark.

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Throughout this game I was bothered by the it the fires in Dragonsreach, outside High Hrothgar, or many other places. Issues such as lights sources without lights, places where light emits from the center of two fires rather than from each one, light that just magically emitted from the middle of the room, or lights that don't illuminate the landscape. This mod aims to fix all that and more, however, some of these issues still remain (there are engine limitations). All lights come straight from a light source and all light sources produce light.

Originally I was just going to make this fix for myself but the more work I put into it I thought "hey, maybe others would like a fix for these things as well."  After 50,000 subscriptions on Steam, 5000+ endorsements here (wow), getting to the point where I feel actually covering all of Skyrim is within reach, and my collaboration with JawZ I can assure you that this has gone far beyond anything I expected!

Thanks to all those who support our efforts and continue to expect the best :)


  • Proper placed light bulbs at their light source
  • Light bulbs placed at light sources according to their labeled name
  • Fixes light bulbs not casting light on to the landscape in exteriors
  • Focus on vanilla visual style
  • Vanilla performance, at least as close as it can get
  • No scripts, just vanilla light bulbs done right.

Exterior / Interior Versions
These version are available due to popular requests. They include either exterior or interior only locations, respectively. These are full versions of the mod. No need to install the Main File.

Window Shadows Version
This version fully incorporates Window Shadows v7.7.5 and is a full versions of Relighting Skyrim. No need to install the RS Main File nor the WS mod since v2 of the file release. The current state of this has what interiors v7.7.5 had completed combined with the interiors that we have revised (listed below).

Currently the following has been revisited and reworked to integrate RS and WS:
  • Angas Mill
  • Angarvunde
  • Battleborn Farm
  • Bleak Falls Barrow
  • Helgen's Keep
  • High Hrothgar
  • Honningbrew Meadery
  • Ivarstead
  • Pelagia Farm
  • Riverwood
  • Whiterun (minus Jorrvaskr, considering it a Guild hall and will be completed later)

Finally, this version is designed around the use of the following mods:
  • ENB Lights
  • ENBSeries
  • A customized version of Cathedral Minimalist ENB was use for testing (original processing used). Luminosity v3.1 provided the lighting templates. Fire in shots is Embers XD (HQ/Orange).


General load order in combination with other mods

  1. Weather mods
  2. Relighting Skyrim
  3. Interior lighting mods (With no light bulb changes!)

As for other type of mods, let LOOT decide where in your specific load order is the best place them. Just keep in mind to place mod that make changes to interior ambient/fog/directional lighting after Relighting Skyrim's plugin.


- Not compatible -
RS is designed to be used with vanilla interiors. Mods that provide their own light placements (like those listed below) are incompatible. This also includes overhaul mods that include their own lighting changes. Using such mods with RS will likely cause light flickering! Such mods can be made compatible following the steps to remove the affected Cells from the RS plugin (instructions below).

- Compatible -
Mods that provide only lighting templates and image spaces (ELE, Luminosity, etc.) are compatible. These types of mods must be loaded after the RS plugin or a patch must be created.

- How to remove interiors or exteriors -
The most asked question around compatibility is regarding 'interiors-only' or 'exterior-only' lighting mods, such as Lanterns of Skyrim (which is exteriors only). As such we have uploaded both an interiors-only and an exterior-only version of the mod. However, users may still need to know how to many other files or options from Relighting Skyrim compatible with these types of mods. This is completed using xEdit and is very simple to do: