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Adds new Ashen weapons to the Ash Spawn on Solstheim so your encounters with them will be more varied.
Ash Spawn now have a small chance of dropping their weapon on death.

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Introducing New Armory Series!
A series of (planned) mods that aims to introduce new, lore-friendly weapon sets to Skyrim.
These are an off-shoot from Heavy Armory, but they work as stand-alone mods!

Huge thanks to GhastlyGamer13 for helping out

Do you remember the first time defeating and Ash Spawn on Solstheim and looking forward to looting and wielding it's flaming weapon for yourself?
Well, turns out you are in bad luck, because those weapons disintergrate with the Ash Spawn's body!

This mod say no more! Now Ash Spawn have a small chance of leaving their weapon behind (I never said it would be easy!).
The weapon they leave behind will be "smothered" as the fire inside dies along with the Ash Spawn that wielded it.
A skilled smith might find a way to rekindle the fire though..

But that's not all!
This mod also adds new Ashen weapons for you and the Ash Spawn to carry into combat!
There are 5 new weapons, and 3 more if you use one of the addons for Heavy Armory and/or Animated Armory!
On top of that, the latest updated also adds a new Ash Shield!

Ashen weapons are divided into 3 weapon materials

- Ash Spawn
The versions of the weapons that Ash Spawn wield. About equal to Glass in damage.
These weapons can't be dropped or used by the player.
Ash Spawn can only use War and Battle Axe animations, so these versions are set to use those animation types only!

- Smothered Ashen
There's a small chance an Ash Spawn will drop a Smothered Ashen weapon. These are weakend and are about the same level as Dwarven.

- Ignited Ashen
With the right knowledge and material a Smothered weapon can be ignited again! Ignited Ashen weapons ar on par with Stalhrim.
Just like Stalhrim gives a bonus to Frost enchantments, any Fire enchantments placed on an Ignited Ashen weapon will be 20% stronger!
The Glass and Arcane smithing perks are needed to craft Ignited Ashen weapons.

Should work with any mod that doesn't change the Ash Spawn Race or their inventory items directly (I don't know of any mod that does).

The FOMOD installer comes with a couple of patches build in.

- Audio Overhaul for Skyrim by David Jegutidse & Immersive Sounds - Compendium by lazygecko
Patches some of the weapons to use new sounds from these mods. The installer should auto detect which mods (if any) you have active

- Heavy Armory & Animated Armory by NickaNak
Extends the Ashen range with 3 new weapons. Both of these add-ons can be used together or seperatly from eachother.

- CCOR & WACCF by Kryptopyr
There are a lot of different variations of these patches included in the installer, but the correct ones should be auto-selected for you!

I can highly recommend you get these mods as well.

- Draugr Spear Animation (DAR) by sgtoy259
Ash Spawn use Draugr animations, so if you use DAR and want Ash Spawn to have new polearm animations when using the Spear or Trident, be sure to get this mod!

- Ashes and Flames - Spawn and Guardian Retex SE by ZeroKing or Photorealistic Pyroclastic Ash Spawn - A Memorial Mod by XilaMonstrr
Ash Spawn and Ash weapon retex mods. They also apply to all new weapons added by this mod.

- Will you make a patch for mod X? / Can I make a patch for mod X?
In general, I am likely to make a patch if it is a mod I use myself, or that's otherwise easy to throw together. But of course, if you want to take things into your own hands and create a patch for any conflicting mod you find, then you are free to do so.

- How can I craft Ashen weapons?
You can't craft Smothered Ashen weapons. You'll have to go fight some Ash Spawn and hope to get lucky!
Ignited Ashen weapons can be crafted as long as you have the corresponding Smothered version in your inventory. You need both the Glass and Arcane perks.