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A simple mod that patches the various typos and grammatical errors in Private Eye's fantastic mod, Royal Armory - New Artifacts.

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Typo Patch

Royal Armory - New Artifacts is one of my favourite mods, however some of the glaring typos started to irk me after a while of seeing them, in weapon names and in loading screens (like "general Tulius" which has been changed to "General Tullius").

I believe I have fixed every typo in the mod, let me know if you notice any others. This mod should be deactivated and imported into the bashed patch in Wrye Bash.


The Royal Armory Typo Patch is fully compatible with Royal Armory Tweaks and Fixes and is recommended to use with it to fully fix the other problems in Royal Armory including the loading screen art.


PrivateEye is the author of Royal Armory - New Artifacts and presides over its files. This mod is not supported by him in any way, shape or form, and is an independent mod with its own responsibilities and faults.