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I will be posting patches between various mods and fluffworks here. Feel free to make requests, a progress report will be in the pinned comments, as well as links to other fluffworks patches/fluffworks inspired mods. Several people have asked if they can support my works, here is a link if you wish to do so, thank you for your consideration and generosity. However please consider supporting the original works as well, as none of this would be possible without them, thank you all for your appreciation.


Step One: head over here and install fluffworks, preferably the quality version, as its what these patches are based on
Step Two: check out all the cool mods listed above, and install any of them, being sure there aren't any conflicts
Step Three: navigate to the file section of this mod and download the patches for the mods listed above


~Convenient Carriages Patch Added (for the horse change addon only, as there are no conflict with the base mod)

~MM Real Cows and Better Cows patches now only contain the base cow textures, painted cows are here now

~AE Horses, White Stag, Vale Animals, Arctic fox, Vanilla Uderfrykte, Armored Trolls, Painted Cow, and Beardless Goats have all been removed. They all live here now, with some new friends.

~Animallic Patch 2.0 added, now includes wooly rhino and rabbits, transitioned to textures sets 

~Legacy of the Dragonborn patch added
~Bellyache's Animals is now a patch and is no longer standalone
~Bellyaches Horses has been repacked, and is still standalone
~New meshes for Beavers and Raccoons of Skyrim patch

~KrittaKitty's Horses Hotfix added, for SE version only, fixes black horse 

~A Cat's Life Update 1.1 fixed meshes so the face glows less, thank you Nagas17 for the fixed meshes

~SIC Update 1.1 Bears Fixed, overlooked vanilla bear cubs added

...and the rest is history


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~~~More Fluff Please~~~

Fluffworks - Tweaks and Expansion
Pelage - Fluffy Animals and Creatures