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Hello, there.

On the Nexus, you may know me as Bellyache or Wrig675. In World of Warcraft, I am Salty Knucklebone. In real life, I am Natasha. Perhaps you are curious about the moniker of Bellyache and that's why you are here. My husband used to play World of Warcraft with me, and his undead characters were always named after horrific or debilitating diseases. When I was able to race change my hunter to undead, I named her after a very minor ailment, Bellyache. And so it was and still is.

I am 28, getting old these days. I'm 5'3". I drew the short straw for my genetic makeup and was cursed with myopia, sinus polyps, and asthma. I am off-the-scale allergic to the pollen of many trees (a 4+ reaction on a scale of 4, does that mean I win a prize?).

However, I am not allergic to insect stings. This is good, because I have a BS and MS in entomology, the study of insects. Insects are really my thing! So are the other, lesser known groups, things that are not insects but often studied in entomology: harvestmen, spiders, whipscorpions, and crustaceans. Oh, how I love them all. I have a southern black widow and an Agelenopsis funnel web spider that I keep in jars. Surprisingly, that is all I have for now. I used to have a big crayfish named Bacchus, but he was quite the escape artist and often found his way across my house and into my bedroom. My dog, so useless, would watch quietly as Bacchus scooted slowly down the halls. Bacchus is now preserved, to be cherished forever.

I'm really into heavy rock and metal. I love Volbeat, Seether, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, and many others.

I like to play around in Photoshop, but I am by no means a pro. I like to draw, but I have not had proper lessons or classes, so I am not as good as I could be.

I don't have many real life friends. I'm pretty introverted. I enjoy video games, keeping a clean house, observing insects, and training my dog.

I collect insects. I used to have a collection of 450+ specimens encompassing 115 families, but I donated them to a university arthropod collection. For science! I spent a year working for a museum. I became very good at spreading butterflies and moths.

Feel free to message me. Thanks for showing interest!

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