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This mod makes animals spawn with different texture variants. Textures used were made by Bellyache. For the mod to work it requires Real Rabbits HD by fadingsignal.

Permissions and credits
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This mod makes animals spawn with different texture variants.

Textures used were made by Bellyache, you can see what they look like in his mod page:

For the mod to work it requires Real Rabbits HD by fadingsignal (it has to be the "Diverse" option not the "Replacer"!). The variants are applied through the script he created for his mod.

Creatures and their variants

Bear: Vanilla - Brown
Cave Bear : Vanilla - Black
Snow Bear: Vanilla - White
Chaurus: Brown - Green
Chaurus Reaper: Vanilla - Black - Red
Chicken: Vanilla - Barred - Bicolor - Black - Brown - Dark Brown - Specked - White
Dog: Vanilla - Black&White - Brown - Brown&White - Dark Brown - Dark Grey - Light Brown - White
Elk/Deer: Vanilla - Brown (younger look compared to vanilla)
Fox: Vanilla - Grey - Red - Silver
Arctic Fox: Vanilla - White
FrostBite Spider: Vanilla - Black - Brown - Dark Brown - Tan
FrostBite Spider Cold: Vanilla - Frost - Grey
Goat: Vanilla - Brown - Grey - White
Cow: Vanilla - Banded - Black - Brown - Orange - White
Painted Cow: Vanilla - Variant
Horker: Vanilla - Black - Brown - Grey - Light Brown - White
Mammoth: Vanilla - Brown - Grey - Light Brown - Light Grey - White
Mudcrab: Vanilla - Muddy - Oblivion - White
Sabrecat: Vanilla - Black - Brown Female - Brown Male - Stripped
Snow Sabrecat: Vanilla - Spotted - Stripped - White
Skeever: Vanilla - Brown - Brown Hooded - Dark Grey - Grey - Grey Hooded (for all the new textures the clean and mangy versions are used)
Venomfang Skeever: Vanilla - White
Wolf: Vanilla - Brown
Black Wolf: Vanilla - Blacker - Timber
Snow Wolf: Vanilla - Grey - Whiter


Any retextures you use will still appear since all animals have a chance to use their vanilla skins.

This mod changes some Race records and some NPC records for animals. Any mods that change the same records will have a conflict. I can make patches if needed just ask in the comments and when i have the time i will check it out. Anyone that wants to make a patch can do so too.

Install / Uninstall

Can be installed at any time. Load this mod after Real Rabbits HD - Diverse.

Should be able to be uninstalled at any time. Just make sure to be somewhere with none of the affected animals (like a player house) and use clean save procedures.

Credits / Permissions

All credits go to Bellyache (wrig675) and fadingsignal. Without their mods this one wouldnt exist, i just did the grunt work.

All permissions from Bellyache's mod applies to this one

This mod doesn't include any assets from fadingsignal's mod, it only includes references to his script. Be aware of this If you modify or patch my mod.