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Adds a milk farm and a vendor to Skyrim, Various milk products with different healing properties. Milk, water, and breakfast foods. Now with cow milking!!!

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You can now milk cows!!!

Reviewed by Dragonporn

German by Dante2000
Italiano by Siegfriedm
polish by Aragoth

-Short Description-
Adds one farmhouse, stable with Highland Cows and Chickens, Merchant, several new textured potions, beverages and foods for different play styles. Prices are fair and not overpowered. The ability to milk all cows in Skyrim and a fancy new retexture for White Skeever!! (Optional files)

-Long Description-
This mod adds Highland Milk Farm to Skyrim.
The small/large bottle of Highland Milk as well as Spring Water and the new ingredient "flour" have been added to the Vendor and Inn Merchant leveled lists. Highland Milk Farm is located just outside Rorikstead. When you quick travel to Rorikstead, just turn around and you will see it. Highland farm is owned and maintained by Sirja, a merchant who sells a variety of milk, water and breakfast foods for different play-style needs. I have crafted 8 new meshes and textures for the products. One optional Texture for the Clean skeever farm. I use larger textures to give a more rich and detailed look on many of the items compared to vanilla Skyrim. There is an open stable with four Highland Cows added, as well as a Chicken coop.

V1.6 and up now allows you to milk cows. You will need 4 things to milk a cow. (1) A cow milking guide and (2) milking supplies found in the table next to Thomas' work area (by the map hanging on the wall) (3) large empty wine bottles Sirja sells some or you can find/steal them and (4) a cow. Cows Are most happy being milked in the daytime so you will have a 100% chance of milking the cow in the morning were if you milk in the evening or night you might fail and have to try again. You will get error messages if you do not have the right supplies and you will get no message related to cow milking if you have not read the book first. All scripting credit goes to the very talented wolferoo.

Do not drop the supplies as they with float in the air. I did not Havok them.

v1.9 Makes milking guide and supplies not stolen. Adds more bottles to the sell list. Increases spring water to restore 50 stamina to 150. Adds clutter to exterior and goats for added cuteness.

-Player Suggestions-
I welcome suggestions. But please remember this mod and all my others are PG, safe for work, and family oriented. I have had a number of requests for compatibility patches made for "needs" mods. These requests need to go to the mod author of those individual "needs" mods. for example If you want a patch for Imps More Complex Needs, you need to contact Imp of the Perverse. There are other needs mods. I am just using Imp's as an example.

If you do not have Hearthfire you can use either version 1.6 or 1.7
If you have Hearthfire you MUST download version 1.6 or 1.7 then over write the ESP with 1.8.
If you have an older version of this mod, please manually copy the folders and contents to their respective locations.

This mod is a variant of my other mod Highland Milk which I created on 5 May 2012, I decided to upload as a separate file, as some may not want a full farm and more glorious milk, water and breakfast products.

Now you can be a milk drinker/breakfast eater too!

If you like this mod you should consider installing my Better Cows mod found in the link below.

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Tutorial for Unique Merchant Dialogue

This mod will most likely conflict with other mods that alter the area of Rorikstead.
And Realistic Needs and Diseases patch actually breaks the milking scripts, if you have it installed you will not be able to milk cows.

You are not allowed to modify my files, including creating bug fixes or improving on features under any circumstances
You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances