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GGUNIT and Skurkbro Nexus Community

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A bunch of patches for mods that changes interior lighting to use LUX lighting template and Image space lighting.

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This mod only changes 2 variables in the references (Lighting template and Image lighting), it doesn't add anything new or change positions of existing lights. The results are not gonna be as pretty as an official patch by GGUNIT, but this works as a temp solution to remove the "flatness" of all interior lighting.

To be used with ENB Light (Stronlgy recommend patching your load order with this) and an ENB Preset with PointLightingDesaturationInteriorDay=0.0 and PointLightingDesaturationInteriorNight=0.0

Patches included so far:
Unofficial Lux Parallax Patch
Cynn's Proudspire Manor
Cynn's Vlindrel Hall
Cynn's Honeyside Redone
Cynn's Breezehome
Cynn's Hjerim
Ruined Temple of Phynaster
Skyrim Underground
Immersive Fort Dawnguard
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
Dawn of Skyrim
Death Consumes All
The Legend of Slender Man
Midwood Isle
Immersive CollEge of winterhold
Forgotten Dungeons
Castle Volkihar Rebuilt
Beyond Reach
Simple Raven Rock Expansion
Waking Nightmare
The Tale of Tsatampra Xiros
Sindora's Hidden Hearth
Providence and Pestilence
Morthal Home
Maids II - Deceptions
Magical Blackreach
Kings of Worms - Queen of Dawn
Identity Crisis
Hearthfire Multikid Adoption
The Blackest Reaches
Riverwood Keep
Nether's Follower Framework
Maple Manor
WoodTortoise's Breezehome
Springwood Estate
Riften Honorhall Orphanage Upgraded (Lore Friendly)
Honorhall Orphanage Bugfixes and Expansion
Kinghall Orphanage
Kinghall Orphanage Plus
Crystalwind Estate

In progress:

None atm. Feel free to give me requests (must be a nexus mod), Though I'm currently working really hard on my main project, a retexture mod of skyrim. So please expect time between each update here

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Don't forget to check out out my other patch for Lux if you're running Parallax textures

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