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This mod is a visual upgrade for Blackreach originally created by Sinisterax using only vanilla assets.

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TL:DR this mod is like the JK's Skyrim mods except it does it to Blackreach.


This mod is a Special Edition conversion of The Blackest Reaches by Sinisterax.

Sinisterax has left skyrim modding and graciously left me his most up to date version of mod which he considered "about 70% done". I have loaded and resaved it using the newer creation kit.

this is a purely cosmetic mod and installation is nothing special. just make sure the esp file is in the data folder and active in your load order using what ever method suites you. 

this mod is compatible with lighting overhauls like Enhanced Lighting and Effects and Realistic Lighting Overhaul but needs to be loaded after those base mods. lighing mods mostly changes settings and this mod mostly changes placement. load lighting mods first then this after to make sure you get the best of both.

the second and third images are before and after pics of the same spot to give you an idea of what to expect. I purposely did not upload a bunch of images so if you want to see everything go look for yourself.
have fun :)

original description slightly edited for the upgrade

I love Blackreach. Love it. It was the first location in a video game that made me stop and go wow.
That was, until I noticed there were many areas both large and small thart were just plain ugly.
So I fixed that.

This is mostly and aesthetic mod, but its also functional. aside from adding more rocks, ruins and Glowy Stuff, I've also added more enemies, ore and geode veins and treasure chests.

Anything else that edits the black reach worldspace and/or cells

Texture mods that alter Blackreach/Dwemere/Dawnguard elements

Disclaimer: If you have a low end computer you'll probably experience a minor framedrop.