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This is a port of Woodtortiose's amazing Breezehome TNF Expanded. It expands Breezehome to give you tons of room for your companions and your family while still being very cozy.

Permissions and credits
This being my first port of this size, I may have missed something, so if anyone finds anything wrong please let me know.
Saved with Form 44, cleaned with SEEdit, fixed some old reference errors, meshes converted with the SE mesh optimizer.
Link to the original LE version here. If there is an issue with me posting this port, I will do whatever I need to fix the issue.

Version 1.2 Update!
-Merged kojak747's patch with the main file which fixes the navmesh errors. Everyone give them kudos for their hard work.
-Removed the cabin toy since it can cause frame rate issues
-Forwarded some changes from the unofficial patch which should hopefully fix some of the issues some users have had.

(From here down is the original Skyrim LE mod description with edits for formatting, ease of reading, grammar, usefulness for SE players. Please Read!) 

Breezehome - The Noble Family Expanded
by Woodtortiose, ported by Luna
  I know I know, yet another Breezehome mod
I have always preferred living in Whiterun, with its central location and plenty of vendors close by, but vanilla Breezehome left alot to be desired. Of all the Breezehome mods out there, I always preferred GoatK's Breezehome The Noble Family.  It gave you plenty of extras while still feeling cozy and warm, a home fit for a Thane.
Alas I am a greedy person, and after a playthrough with BHTNF, I couldn't help wanting just a bit...more. More beds, more room, and a pool you could actually swim in. Yeah, a pool, sue me. I wanted a home that felt decadent yet lived in, where the furniture was nice but there were clothes strewn on the floor.  A house I could populate with my spouse, kids and companions (especially with all those great mods out there like Vilja and Interesting NPCs). I wanted all this without a sprawling McSkmansion, something that still felt small and cozy. However, I was a complete Creation Kit noob, so I posted a mod request to see if anyone else was interested.
I was lucky enough to get a response! Proxy7Proxy graciously agreed to take on the effort, and he spent a week or two working on it before real life stuff demanded his time. He passed it back to me, and I was left with the choice to let it die or man up and learn the CK. So, after lurking here on the Nexus since almost the day it started, enjoying everyone else's wonderful work on many different games, I decided to make an attempt to contribute.  A hundred plus hours later, here it is.  Please bear in mind that for the most part this is simply a redecoration to my own personal tastes. There are no tricked out wizard auto sorters, teleporters, bold original textures, special quests, or original anything. Everything not vanilla is from one of the popular modders resources listed below, so you'll likely see something that you've seen in other house mods. That said this is pretty much my vision of a perfect cozy home where eleven people can live comfortably. Multiple adoption compatible.

       *Screenshots were taken with Vivid weathers, enhanced lighting and effects, and Dawn of Skyrim Direction's Cut
       *Cleaned with SSEdit




   This mod requires the latest Skyrim SE and if you want to use all the child beds the Multiple Adoption Mod 


Download with your favorite mod manager or manually and enable the esp. Installing mid game should be fine as long as you have not entered breezehome at all during said play through. Make sure you are the Thane of Whiterun and have all upgrades. See conflicts for more details.



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         Under no circumstances can this priceless and completely original work be altered, used as a resource, copied, pasted, uploaded, or looked at funny.  Its has been copyrighted and patented in 47 countries and all violators of said contract will be subject to full criminal prosecution, the penalty being sentenced to five years to the tiny room underneath my privy.  In fact, don't even download it!

Nah, just kiddin.  Do whatever you want with it, provided you credit any of the folks whose resources you use.

(End of Original Mod Page Description)