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A simple expansion of the town of Raven Rock.

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  • Ukrainian
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This mod is my attempt to improve the town of Raven Rock, with the emphasis being on utility over aesthetics (which isn't to say that I don't try to make it look good, just that I focus on adding things which serve a purpose).


  • A new wall on the south-west edge of town
  • A stockade around the northern entrance and cliffs
  • Guards patrol both new walls.
  • Adril & Cindiri Arano now have their own manor house.
  • After the mine is reopened, two ruined buildings will be repaired.
    • In related news, the miners now have homes and don't work 24/7. They will visit the Retching Netch in the evening and sleep in the repaired buildings.
  • Ienth Farm now has a larger ash yam field. It's supposed to be the town's only reliable source of food.
  • Removed some of the cobwebs in the Retching Netch. It didn't make sense for it to look abandoned even though it fills up every night.
  • Cleaned with SSEEdit

Optional File: Retching Netch Extra Seating

I've noticed that, with more NPCs visiting the Retching Netch, there aren't always enough seats. To address this, I've made an optional plugin which adds a table, four chairs, and some extra idlemarkers to the Retching Netch. I suggest using either this plugin OR your tavern overhaul of choice alongside the main file (I've left it separate so you have that choice).


Just extract the contents of the archive into your Skyrim Special Edition data folder, or use your mod manager of choice. This mod is safe to install mid-playthrough; just make sure you save somewhere away from Raven Rock before loading it up for the first time.


This mod will generally be incompatible with mods that edit the south-western area of the town (between the Abandoned Building and the Earth Stone), the field behind Ienth Farm, or the area immediately north of the town.

Permissions & Credits

Anyone is welcome to release compatibility patches and translations into languages other than English (no need to contact me beforehand), as long as you properly credit me and the authors of any resources you redistribute (see below). If you wish to release other derivative works or include this mod in a compilation, you must obtain my permission. I can be contacted via Nexus private message.

The mesh for the end cap on the new bulwark was made by xenophobe3. Anyone is welcome to use it in their own mod, although it would be nice if you credit xenophobe3.

Note that the resources listed below may have different permission requirements.

Resources Used:

Elianora’s Extra Resources by Elianora