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Simple and light weight; Inspired by movement adjustment of Wildcat and other movement mods in addition to mortal enemies/attack commitment features. ESL; flagged

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This is a simple and light weight mod.  I've implemented movement changes similar to Wildcat in addition to other movement overhaul mods and tried to make some subtle balanced improvements.  I also adopted the lighter weight features of Mortal Enemies and Attack commitment.  The result is a more visceral and immersive gameplay experience that adds a sense of gravity and momentum in and out of combat where as vanilla can feel overly floaty at times.  

Changes to Movement Speed can be viewed in the images section.

Attack Commitment Angle Changes:

The degrees your characters and npcs can rotate during an attack is set between Mortal Enemies Standard and Rival Remix edition; I felt this was the perfect balance to add weight and momentum behind every attack without making it too restrictive or clunky.  As well as mitigating camera restriction while attacking in 3rd person. (No race edits for increased compatibility)

Compatible with the optional Mortal Enemies version in my file section.  

Compatible with all combat mods such as Blade and Blunt, Vigor, Ultimate Combat and Wildcat, just be sure to put mine later in the load order.

Not compatible with attack commitment or movement alteration mods. Whichever loads after will win. 

Partially Compatible with 360 Movement Behavior or 360 walk run plus:  The changed movement speed for 360 movement unfortunately effects your character in 1st person with weapons drawn and exploration ... "not an issue with bows drawn or spells out" Unfortunately the NPC_default_MT setting seems to impact both 3rd person exploration and 1st person exploration or weapons out... so backing up in 1st person or strafe you end up moving at the same speed as you would if moving forward. This is not an issue in 3rd person combat... If you play first 1st primarily, load my mod after 360 movement behavior... if you play in 3rd person then just load 360 movement behavior after my mod... but the patch is discontinued.

Suggestions and Improvements will be considered.

Video available here thanks to pandabandidos.