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A few add-ons for IronDusk33's Wounds mod. Get your wounds healed at a temple, use spells to heal them yourself, and create wound treatment items from Hunterborn or Campfire menus.

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I really like the Wounds mod created by IronDusk33, so I decided to make a few little add-ons for it to enhance the experience a bit and add some extra compatibility. 

All files in this mod require Wounds. SkyUI isn't required for any of them, but you'll need it if you want to access the MCM options in the main file. The patches also require each of the mods they're patching (of course!), and can work with or without one of the main files. 

Main Files
The spells and healers file adds a healer NPC to each temple in Skyrim, and the one in Raven Rock, who can cure any wound for a fee. An MCM menu is included to allow you to change the prices of healing. They also sell potions for curing wounds, as well as a couple of leveled health potions, cure disease potions, bandages, needles and thread, and medicinal alcohol. Both main files also add Restoration spells that the player can use to instantly heal a wound, and some pain management spells with an effect similar to Laudanum, but without the "strain" effect. Spell tomes that teach the spells can be bought from court wizards or Colette Marence at the College of Winterhold. 

The spells only file adds the same spells, but no healer NPCs. If using the spells and healers file, this one isn't needed - it's just a more lightweight (ESL flagged), script-free option for those who don't want scripted mods or don't have room for more ESPs in their load order. 

Patch Files
The Campfire patch adds bandages and needle and thread to Campfire's Create Item power, so you can create these things anywhere, anytime, instead of having to limp around looking for a tanning rack. Also, branches and deadwood can now be used for splinting broken limbs, since they're easier to get in the wilderness than firewood. This file requires Wounds and Campfire. 

The Hunterborn-Campfire patch adds the same features as the Campfire patch (so you don't need both), and also adds those items to Hunterborn's Scrimshaw power. Also, bone needles can now be made from animal bones, antlers, mammoth or horker tusks, chaurus chitin, and sabre cat teeth in the Scrimshaw menu. Useful for players who don't carry around hundreds of lockpicks all the time. Combine a bone needle with 5 tundra cotton in Scrimshaw or Create Item to get the needle and thread. This file requires Wounds, Hunterborn, and Campfire. 

The Hunterborn-Campfire-CACO patch does everything the other two patches do, and also allows crafting of a CACO bandage from 3 linen wraps or 12 tundra cottons, using Hunterborn's Scrimshaw menu or Campfire's Create Item menu. I also adjusted the number of linen wraps that can be created by breaking down clothing in the Create Item menu. Most vanilla clothing provides enough linen for two or more bandages. This file requires Wounds, Hunterborn, Campfire, CACO, and the CACO-Wounds patch (available from kryptopyr's patch hub).

  • If you change a healing price in the MCM while inside a temple and then talk to the healer, the wound healing dialogue won't show up. Leaving and re-entering the temple should fix this. 
  • Colette might not carry the Mend Broken Bones spell tome even after you've completed the Restoration ritual quest. This is due to a bug in the game that sometimes flags the Alteration ritual quest as completed instead of the Restoration one. Opening the console and entering: 
    set MGRitualRestBook to 0 
    and then waiting for Colette's inventory to reset should fix it. 

If using other mods that add new Restoration spells, a bashed patch is recommended. May conflict with mods that heavily alter temple interiors. Other than that, this mod should be compatible with everything.

Install with a mod manager such as Vortex or MO2. Load after Wounds.esp. The main files both add spell tomes to some leveled lists, so if you're using any other spell mods that also do this, a bashed patch is recommended to ensure all spells will be available from spell vendors. 

It's always better to create a backup save before installing a mod and revert to that save if you don't like the new mod, but if that isn't an option for you, following these steps should make it a bit safer:

To uninstall the spells and healers file:
1. Go somewhere that isn't a temple*, and use the MCM option to remove any of my mod's restoration spells the player might know.
2. If there are any effects from the "soothe pain" spells on the player, wait for these to expire.
3. Create a new save, and exit the game.
4. Uninstall the mod using your mod manager.
5. Run the game again and create another new save.

*Due to the way the scripting for the healers is set up, It's important to NOT go through the uninstall process while your character is inside a temple! 

The spells only file doesn't have an MCM, so I recommend letting any soothe pain effects expire, manually removing the spells using the console, and then saving before removing it. 

The patch files are probably fine to uninstall at any time, but getting rid of any bone needles in your inventory using the console or by turning them into needle and thread is probably a good idea. Can't be too careful!

IronDusk33 for Wounds 
Chesko for Campfire 
unuroboros for Hunterborn 
kryptopyr for CACO
Teabag86 for CACO-Wounds patch (available on kryptopyr's patch hub)
The SkyUI team for MCM