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Interact with previously static items like archery targets, crates, mammoth skulls, taproots, and more. Now with DLL

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French

  • Makes many static items interactable
  • Snow, sulfur, and ash covered items are not interactable to preserve their looks
  • ESL-flagged
  • MCM to configure training
  • Base Object Swapper doing the swapping
  • Harvest from the following things:
    • Mammoth Skull -> Mammoth Tusk
    • Elk Skull -> Small Antler
    • Human Skull -> Skull
    • Hanging Taproot -> Taproot
    • Hay Bale -> Straw
    • Wood piles -> Firewood
    • Hagraven Goat Head -> Goat Horn
    • Hagraven Elk Head -> Large Antler
    • Hagraven Mammoth Tusk -> Mammoth Tusk
    • Hagraven Bone totem -> Large Antler and Small Antler
    • Hagraven Antler -> Large Antler
    • Mead Cask -> Mead
    • Mead Barrel -> Mead
    • Mounted Elk Antlers -> Large Antler
    • Mounted Female Elk Head -> Small Antler
    • Mounted Male Elk Head -> Large Antler
    • Mounted Sabrecat Head -> Sabrecat Tooth and Sabrecat Eye
    • Mounted Slaughter Fish -> Slaughter Fish Scales
    • Mounted Mudcrab -> Mudcrab Chitin
    • Mounted Horker Head -> Horker Tusk
    • Mounted Goat Head -> Goat Horn
    • Snowberry Wreath -> Snowberries
    • Hagraven tent with feathers -> Hagraven feathers
    • Sovngarde mead barrels -> lots of mead
    • Sovngarde ox spit roast -> lots of beef
    • Chaurus pieces -> Chaurus chitin
    • Wall baskets -> Hawk feathers
    • Bloody barrel -> Small blood potion
    • Bloody bucket -> Small blood potion
    • Bloody Jug -> Equip to get small blood potions and empty jug
    • Bloody Goblet -> Equip to get small blood potion and empty goblet
  • The following things are now containers containing loot:
    • Bandit poles with burned corpses
    • Crates
    • Alternate barrels
    • All Spider Dessicated Corpses
    • All Spider Web Sac Skeevers
    • All Spider Web Sacs
    • Hagraven Dead Skeever
  • You can now train your skills at the following items:
    • Archery targets
    • Practice dummies
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  • Changes 0 vanilla records for maximum compatibility
  • No need for patching
  • Automatically works with other mods as long as they use the same type of objects

Recommended Mods
  • Install whenever
  • Update whenever
  • Update from Dynamic Things Alternative whenever
  • Uninstall whenever: objects simply revert to their static versions
  • Just use FallrimTools to clean your save


Q: some stuff is not interactable
A: if they are covered by snow or ash, then they are not.

Q: how come I get x number of items from harvesting?
A: this depends on if you have Green Thumb (or similar) perks

Q: does this work with things added by other mods?
A: if they just use vanilla object types, then yes

Q: does this need patching with xyz alchemy mod?
A: it is designed to be compatible with everything

Q: what counts as stealing?
A: taking things from a parent location with an owner set counts as stealing

Q: what's the difference between this and dynamic things or dynamic things alternative?
A: this uses Base Object Swapper, and is much faster: it runs instantly.

Q: texture conflict with SMIM?
A: they are the same file. Included for the benefit of people who don't use SMIM. Let either one overwrite the other

Q: something is broken. I am using a translation
A: I am not responsible for the quality or maintenance of the translations. They might be broken or outdated.