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Castlevania-Inspired Dungeon/Player Home Mod Featuring New Weapons, Armors, Spells, a Custom Follower, Pets and More

Permissions and credits
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Main Features:
  • Adds a large Castlevania-inspired castle that starts across from the docks of Solitude
  • OPTIONAL quest to fight through the castle with Leo Belmont - Details Below
  • You will have to explore and find the way up on your own!!
  • Custom music featuring Castlevania songs and horror movie themes - Credits below
  • Fight bats, foglings, enthralled minions and various forms of the undead
  • Enemies in the castle will respawn UNLESS you kill "The Count"
  • Can be used as a player home afterwards 
  • New Heart "ingredient" dropped by enemies has more uses later (other than as an ingredient) - Read below
  • Contains all the crafting stations, a horror-themed kitchen and much more
  • Armoury with mannequins and display cases (somewhat hidden)
  • Gallery with horror-themed paintings (no gore, also somewhat hidden) 
  • Most storage is named and linked throughout the castle 
  • Anything that says "Search" is safe; if it says "Take", it will respawn
  • Unnamed chests are not linked but are safe/won't respawn
  • 8 coffins (that can switch to beds) in the lower castle area bedroom
  • Count's Quarters has 1 (unchangeable) coffin
  • Working doorbell 
  • Much more unlocked after defeating the count (read below)
  • Plus many more surprises (Can't spoil everything...)

Unlocked after defeating The Count (Player Home Mode):

  • All enemies will be disabled and stop respawning (except the ones in the exterior space of Transylvania)
  • Travel via the Mystical Skull to any city or town and other parts of the castle
  • A teleport spell tome to get back to the castle will be on the table too - Works from anywhere and knows where the castle is
  • Transport the castle to a new worldspace, Transylvania, and return Solitude to it's former glory by activating the Dwemer lever in the back right upper room
  • The organ will now toggle the music in the main castle area on and off when activated - Planning to remove this I think
  • Switches will appear near the front door to add/remove the pets or castle workers
  • The giant castle guards out front will respawn under your control
  • The minions will revert to "normal" - Some will stay and help you because you saved them from the Count's grip
  • Norman is a vendor
  • Damien will provide you with blood potions
  • Ilsa will make you lockpicks
  • Victor (in the armoury) will make arrows of any ingot you bring him
  • Hester will provide you with some food if you're hungry 
  • The Carnal Knowledge tome (increase magic skills) and the Blood Font (change your appearance) in the back right tower can now be used for the cost of one "Heart"
  • The library door will unlock giving access to a huge variety of random books (different each playthrough)
  • All shrines and standing stones are inside
  • A special staff enchanter that can be used to all the regular staffs plus craft unenchanted staffs and a couple new necromancy staffs
  • The Underground Caverns hidden in the library contains the spider imbuing station, most ore types to mine (1 of each so far - gold and ebony are hidden deeper in the cavern) AND an armada of all kinds of spiders to fight and harvest pods from, gem and generic storage, and a sleeping area
  • Two buckets appear near the kitchen door - one w/ cleaning supplies and one w/ bones
  • The cleaning bucket gets rid of the bloodier items, webs and the small spiders
  • The bone bucket will switch it all back
Castle Followers:
Leo Belmont - Custom Voiced Follower
Leo is a unique Khajiit follower. (His name was inspired by Leon Belmont - one of the earliest known Belmonts.) He will be waiting outside the castle for help. He will offer a TOTALLY OPTIONAL quest involving the castle that will lead to him being your follower. He should move into the castle after the Count is dead though. (If that's a problem, the only solution atm is to use the console to disable him.)

If you are looking for a challenge, refuse him and he will go wait at the Winking Skeever. You can always recruit him after killing the Count. 

They live in the castle after defeating the Count. Both are essential, will carry your burdens, do favors (if they can...can't sit in chairs, etc.), and, of course, wait/follow at your command. They will also magically teleport home when dismissed. (If using NFF, select the "Join me, I could use your help" dialogue option if there's 2 of them)
  • Scourge - the bone hound - Throne Room
  • Pazuzu - a green, miniature gargoyle - Alch/Ench Room 

Castle Guards

The two "friendly" castle guards that hang out in front of the castle after defeating the count are now able to (very slowly...unless they're attacking...please be patient...they get very angry when rushed...) join you on your adventures!

  • By design, they will NOT follow you through doorways
  • They will fast travel with you however (even into cities/towns)
  • They will hang out near the last door you went through until you come back if you go shopping or dungeoning (or if you forget and walk into town with them following you)
  • They are not essential, but will respawn near the castle if they get killed
  • They only follow and fight. Sadly, they said absolutely not to the burden carrying :P (it's mostly cause they can die tho...)


  • Unkown incompatibility/Skyrim bug may cause Dracula's Castle music to play in unwanted places. If this happens, open the console with the ~ key and type: removemusic ho20_castleentrance (Thanks, unknown111)
  • This WILL register a lot of conflicting files with my All Hallow's Eve mod. They are the same files. Just pick one to load, makes no difference.
  • Patches for Solitude Expansion, Dark Forests of Skyrim and The Marshlands are available under the Miscellaneous Files section
  • The Great City of Solitude will clip with the castle - I've also experienced guards spawning on the bridges above and going down and out through the castle
  • The NPCs in the castle don't have voices yet so you might want to use Fuz Ro' Doh if you don't already - if anyone wants to voice any of them, let me know
  • The same NPCs may also turn hostile towards the small spiders in the castle, and in some cases, (maybe they hit a follower by accident who attacked back?) somehow become hostile towards the player. Generally, they all just go crazy for a second summon a bunch of bone guards then just stop. 

Thank you to all the artists and modders who created these assets and made them available! You are amazing!

Castle Music Credits:

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