About this mod

Add misc models and resources for modders: ship, furniture, structures, misc items, statues...

Permissions and credits
I am going to convert hundred of items from my Morrowind mods for the Skyrim world. To use in the Creation Kit. Work in progress.

See at the images section to know the items now included.

- No ESP.
- All objects have collision. Some objects have working Havok collision type.

If you are going to use it with the SSE version, you have to use SSE Nif Optimize tool to fix the meshes.

pack5.0 | 22/dec/2013
- Joined the packs into a single file.
- Added more new models.

pack4.2 | 23/aug/2013
- Fixed missed folder in meshes and textures files in the Pack 4.1.

pack4.1 | 13/aug/2013
- Added: Romantic Vanity & Stool, Flower Pot.

The Medieval Smithy