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Upgrades Nightingale Hall into a more liveable and functional space, and allows Karliah to become a follower. Adds a portal to the Twilight Sepulcher, ability to level up Nightingale gear, and other features.

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Upgrades Nightingale Hall into a more liveable and functional space and allows Karliah to become a follower. Adds a portal to the Twilight Sepulcher, ability to level up Nightingale gear, and other features. These changes will occur after the completion of the quest Darkness Returns.

  • Karliah will now follow the player and has the appropriate voice responses using her own unique voice
  • Portal to the Twilight Sepulcher
  • When activated, Nightingale Armor stone now upgrades your Nightingale armor & weapons once you reach the next level.
  • Shrine to Nocturnal
  • Kitchen area with cooking pot
  • Alchemy table, workbench & grindstone
  • Various sacks, barrels & chests for safe and convenient storage
  • Training room with 2 weapon racks & 3 plaques, plus training chest
  • Bedroom with 3 beds and lots of additional storage (beds give well-rested bonus)
  • Two alternate versions of the Nightingale gear to compliment the different Nightingale qualities (see Notes, below for details). In addition, I've added 2 more levels to the vanilla Nightingale gear, so it will continue to scale with your high-level characters.
  • For female characters, I've added an unenchanted version of Karliah's leather armor to dresser in bedroom. This will look like regular Thieves Guild armor on males. I've given it the same base stats as the upgraded Thieves Guild set.
  • Ability to acquire Karliah's unique paralytic poison.

IMPORTANT-- PLEASE READ: Karliah's Knapsack & the training chest are set to respawn their contents every 7 days. This will happen regardless of whether the player enters Nightingale Hall during that time. Do not store anything in these two containers or it will disappear. Every other container in the cell is safe for storage.

The entire cell is set to never respawn, therefore the plants will never regrow once you've picked them. All of the containers are safe for storage with the exception of Karliah's Knapsack & the training chest.

She will now change back to her leather Thieves Guild outfit (minus the hood) after the quest Darkness Returns. After looking in the creation Kit, it appears that she was probably intended to revert back to her original armor at some point during the questline. After Darkness Returns she will also be willing to follow the player.

In addition, I've given her some new perks and altered her stats slightly to make her more suitable as a high-level stealthy follower. She has Lightfoot and won't trigger pressure plates. For fun, and since she supposedly has some decent alchemy skills, I also gave her Green Thumb (this means that if you ask her to pick a plant for you, she'll end up with 2 ingredients in her inventory). For a complete list of changes, see the readme.

As of Version 3.0, Karliah's initial follower dialogue will route through the DialogueFavorGeneric quest. This will allow her to work with many mods that add features to generic followers, such as Convenient Horses or Followers Can Relax. However, she may not work perfectly with all multifollower mods. This is because she is not a generic follower and still primarily uses a unique follower quest to control her behavior. How well she works will depend on how the specific multifollower mod is set up.

Karliah will work flawlessly when used with Multiple Followers Lite and mods like Convenient Horses, Follower Can Relax, etc. However, my tests with EFF have shown that she will only partially work with this mod, and you will lose most of her voiced follower dialogue when using her through EFF's follower system. She will respond to some commands but not others, and you will need to both command and also talk to her in order to get her to properly wait. Using EFF's optional mind control spell will force her to work within its system, but you will still lose most of her voiced follower dialogue.

You do have the option to switch her dialogue back to using a fully standalone follower quest. This will result in mods like Convenient Horses no longer affecting Karliah, but it will also eliminate any conflicts between her follower commands and other follower mods. It will also guarantee that she has access to her full range of voiced follower dialogue. To switch back to using Karliah's standalone follower quest, first make sure she is properly dismissed and is no longer your follower, then open the console and type:
set UseVanillaFollowQuestKarliah to 0

If you have the proper ingredients, Karliah will make you her unique paralytic poison. You must first read the note on the alchemy table in Nightingale Hall, then talk to Karliah once you have all four ingredients.

You must be in Nightingale Hall for the dialogue option to appear.

Once you ask Karliah to make the poison, it will take her approximately a 1/2 hour (game time) to finish the poison. You can either wait in Nightingale Hall, or you may leave and return later to receive the poison.

I have provided two alternative versions of the Nightingale armor, boots, gloves, and hood. Part of my rationale for including the extra weapons & armor is that both Brynjolf and Karliah are now available as followers. It seems only fitting that there should be additional armor & weapons available for these fellow Nightingales.

I've tried to keep these balanced, as well as maintaining the character of the Nightingales. My intention was to provide for different combinations that would compliment the three different Nightingale qualities...Sneak, Combat, and Magic.

Each piece has 5 levels (1-18, 19-31, 32-44, 45-55, and 56+). The lowest leveled items are in the wardrobe in the bedroom. Simply take them and activate the Nightingale Armor Stone to level them appropriately. The enchantments are as follows:

Nightingale Armor = Resist Magic + Waterbreathing
Nightingale Armor = Fortify Health + Regenerate Health

Nightingale Boots = Fortify One-hand
Nightingale Boots = Fortify Carry Weight

Nightingale Gloves = Fortify Archery + Fortify Alchemy
Nightingale Gloves = Fortify Illusion + Fortify Pickpocket

Nightingale Hood = Fortify Sneak
Nightingale Hood = Fortify Archery

I fixed what I considered to be a bug with the vanilla armor where the Resist Frost enchantment scaled incorrectly. I also corrected the weight on the Nightingale Armor...the vanilla armor weighed more than dragonscale. It now weighs the same as glass armor. I also fixed the Nightingale Bow to be Silent when used, which is in line with every other bow in the game.

Thank you to Faceshifter for the amazing work he's done editing the voice files for this mod.
Thank you to LFox for allowing me to use the script from his Better Thieves Guild Practice Locks for the relocking training chest.

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