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Visual Overhaul for the Jarls of Skyrim

Permissions and credits
Visual replacer for all of Skyrim's Jarls, or their replacements depending on your civil war allegiance.

The appearance of the Jarls is very dated by now, and although there are individual Jarl replacers, not much in the way of the whole group.
I was chatting with my friends, and they suggested that we all work on a replacer, and thus this mod was born.
Special thanks to my good friend Dirtnap who contributed some of the faces.
My other dear friend Yulleona2 also contributed some of the faces. 

The Jarls have received custom facegen, hair, teeth, eyes, and standalone Hi Poly heads.
For compatibility's sake, they will use your installed bodies and textures, so texture mods for males and females are HIGHLY recommended. The FOMOD will contain three options:
1. The full version - Includes both male and female Jarls.
2. Just the fellas - Male Jarls only.
3. Just the ladies - Female Jarls only.

Why the redux? The original Jarls Re-Imagined was created when I was still somewhat of a new modder, and I did some things incorrectly and made some mistakes back then. I have created many mods since those days and learned a lot. All of those issues have been addressed in the redux.
There is no longer any conflict with Hi Poly Heads, no Jarls with grey face, any of the issues that the original unfortunately had. 

This mod uses 4k textures and high poly meshes and may be taxing on some setups

Simply install with the manager of choice.
Simply uninstall with the manager of choice.

This mod will NOT be compatible with ANY mod which changes the appearance of the Jarls.
If you have a favorite individual Jarl replacer, you can try to reinstall after this, and move below this mod in your load order.

Some of the Jarls had their weight changed for aesthetic purposes. No action will be required if starting a new game.
On an existing save, if there is a neck gap on any of them:

Open the console and click the character
Type setnpcweight xx (xx being the weight of that character)
The neck gap will disappear but the face will look odd, so type disable and then type enable to reset face.
Here is the weight list:
Elisif 39
Balgruuf 29
Ulfric 87
Siddgeir 15 
Dengeir 75
Maven 60
Laila 100
Idgrod 0
Sorli 0
Brina 70
Igmund 50
Thongvor 50
Brunwulf 69
Vignar 69

If you enjoy this mod, please return to endorse.
It means a lot to me and helps both the visibility of the mod and my motivation to continue to share.

Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-
Expressive Facial Animation -Male Edition-
Expressive Facegen Morphs
For my males, I use 
Sam Light and Sam Light Texture Addon. If you want your males to look just like mine, use those mods.
I posted a semi tutorial on what I use for males that you can find here.
For females, I recommend Bijin Skin for UNP or CBBE This is also what I personally use.
Rustic Clothing or Project Clarity to make the Jarls clothing look nicer.
To give the Jarls fancy alternate clothing I use 
Armor and Clothing Extension
Mild Complexions

My Other Mods
Follow me on Twitter to get updates on what I am working on, and random screenarchery.
Coffee is delicious, if you want to Buy Me a Coffee it is much appreciated :)

Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
Shinglescat for her amazing SC KS Hairdos Retextured and her awesome eye Cubemaps that I have included into this mod
Fair Skin Complexion from which I have used teeth and eye assets.
YevMODS Makeup Pack
Female Makeup Suite
High Poly Heads
Freckle Mania 2 
The Eyes of Beauty
Kagerino for Elise
Hverg for Brows and Beards
SG Female Eyebrows
KS Hairdos
Apachii Hair
HG Hairstyles
Of course none of this would be possible without 

Pictures taken in Skyrim Special Edition with Silent Horizons ENB