About this mod

Rework of Dwemer pipes and boilers.

Permissions and credits
Rework of Dwemer pipes, boilers and the whole heating/ventilation system.

Dwemer pipes are supposedly used as a ventilation and a heating system - now they really are. Before there were fake exhaust holes drawed on the pipes, now these holes are real. Reworked meshes to have transparency and made them double-sided. Added animated fans inside, increased metal glossiness. 

I also made Dwemer boilers look like they are really working, heated to the glowing. (Looks really good with ENB - the glow shines on the surroundings, adding realism)

I did not include any textures with the first version - this way the mod is compatible with every texture mod. Textures are included from the second version.

First version is compatible with everything (except the mods that change the same meshes - currently none that I know of)
Second version is compatible with everything, except the mods that change textures of Dwemer pipes and boilers. (some inconsistencies are to be expected)

If someone wants to use another Dwemer texture with this mod, then first version is 100% compatible, second version must overwrite all the other textures or there will be stuff missing. 

No esp - does not take away place in mod list.

Version 5 is out - read the change log.

Skyrim LE version: