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Solid gold dwemer texture overhaul, designed for Dwemer Pipeworks Reworked! Expansion and improvement of the original mod release.

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UPDATE!!! Go to THIS mod for miscellaneous patches!!:)


-Almost all of the metal in dwemer and markarth architecture is overhauled. This includes dwemer pipes, facades, partitions, doors, decorative structures, and much more. 4K or 2K options.
-The pipes are fully integrated with Dwemer Pipeworks Reworked, which adds moving parts, animations and glow to many pipe features.
-A patch for improved Dwemer Glass is also available and HIGHLY recommended!


-Dwemer Pipeworks Reworked + optional ENB Light Meshes
-ENB Particle Patch


-Skyland Markarth. However I personally prefer the older version from Skyland AIO, as the stone textures are cleaner.
-FranklyHD Markarth. Replaces textures only from markarth structures, doesn't touch dungeons. tbh if you don't have this mod what are you doing
-Improved Dwemer Glass. HARD requirement if you install the patch.
-Glorious Doors of Skyrim. That mod covers large dwemer doors so I didn't touch them.
-ENB Dwemer Lanterns. Just let that mod overwrite everything since I didn't retexture the lanterns, but I forgot to take the vanilla lantern meshes out of my mod files... *nervous laughter*


**insert comment here about how it's unrealistic or not lore-friendly**
-I don't care. I made the textures because I like a clean, golden look for my dwemer features. If you don't like it feel free to not install. and if you comment about it, I'll ignore you ;)

Is it compatible with **insert dwemer retexture mod here**?
-Of course :) I highly recommend using this mod along with Skyland Dwemer Ruins and FranklyHD's Markarth for the dwemer stone textures, but this mod overwrites most of the dwemer metal textures.

Is it compatible with mods that use/add dwemer features?
-It's compatible with any mod that only uses vanilla meshes. An example of this is JK's interior/exterior overhauls.For mods that add custom-made dwemer meshes that don't exist in the vanilla game, like a lot of trainwhiz mods, a patch will be needed. I will most likely accept your patch request :)

Are you going to add dwemer armor, weapons, etc?
-Yes! My plan is to work on matching golden textures for the dwemer armor, weapons and other objects :)

What about an LE version?
-Sorry, I won't make an LE version... I only play on SE. But if someone wants to port it to LE themselves, feel free!

Where's my 1K version?!-Sorry about your potato PC but textures covering such large objects look bad in 1K...

Can I make changes/patches for your mod myself, and upload it onto nexus?
-Of course you can, just make sure to give credit for whatever you use


CALEB2 - OG author of Dwemer Pipeworks Reworked.
IWantATardis - OG author of Improved Dwemer Glass.