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A personal repository of small patches and tweaks for various mods.

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Just a place to dump the ever-expanding collection of tiny patches and such that I've made for my own game.
Maybe you'll find some use for them as well.

Fixes and TWEAKS

Cities of the North - Winterhold - OSHA-approved Railing

Replaces the woven fence railings in the COTN Winterhold interiors with sturdier ones because they were giving me Big Anxiety.

Cities of the North - Falkreath - Gate Texture Tweak

Swaps some texture paths on the city gate to use the farmhouse floor texture instead of the riften brick for better visual consistency (obviously subjective based on your installed textures). Just a single edited mesh file, no plugin.

There's also a patched version for Alternate Stonewall UV Scale.

Civil War Deserters - Stormcloak Texture Fix

Fixes some incorrectly set normal maps (NOT the same fix as the one provided in CWD Xavbio Retexture - if you use it, you should use the fix from there instead).

Seagulls of Skyrim - Placement and Sound Tweaks

Repositions some seagulls that would fly too low and clip into buildings and other objects, also makes them slightly quieter. Works for all versions of the mod.

Compatibility PATCHES

Cities of the North - Winterhold + WiZkiD Signs - Birna's Oddments Addon Compatibility Patch

Repositions the sign for Birna's Oddments to match COTN Winterhold's exterior (Non-LoSII Version Only).

Crows and Ravens - Mihail Monsters and Animals
 + Quaint Raven Rock - Compatibility Patch

Repositions some perched birds that would float in midair when using Quaint Raven Rock.

Expanded Towns and Cities + SunHelm Survival and Needs - Well Bucket Addon

Adds SunHelm's water buckets to the wells added by ETAC. Separate files for both the Complete and Modular versions.

Xavbio's Forsworn Armors and Weapons Retexture + NFS - Female Forsworn Headgear - Armor of the Old Gods Consistency Patch

Makes it so that the female version of Xavbio's unique Armor of the Old Gods also uses the objectively superior male helmet model. 

Gourmet - Cooking Pots and Baking Ovens + JK's The Bee and Barb - Compatibility Patch

Disables Gourmet's added oven where it conflicted with some clutter (JK's adds its own oven anyways).

CC Alternative Armors - Dragonscale + Distinct Interiors - Alternate Book Location

CC Alternative Armors - Dragonscale places a quest book where Distinct Interiors adds some clutter in Candlehearth Hall.
This patch moves the book to a different table.

Conflict Resolution

These are minor compatibility plugins for patching out direct conflicts.
You can find them under the Miscellaneous Files tab.

Manbeast + Book Covers Skyrim
Manbeast + JS Unique Utopia - Rings
Toxic - A Venom Mod + Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes


Thanks to the authors of all these mods, check them out, they're neat.

Sovngarde Font (used in screenshots) by Koveich