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This mod adds seagulls along the coasts of Skyrim and Solstheim, with animated models and sounds from Mr. Siika Seagulls for Skyrim SE!

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After seeing a few beloved bird mods leave the nexus, I felt the need to fill the gap with a mod I made about a year ago: Seagulls of Skyrim, using assets from the Mr. Siika Seagulls mod resource (with generous permission by the wonderful Tamira) to place seagulls along the coasts of Skyrim and Solstheim!


Overall this mod adds seagulls along all coasts of Skyrim and Solstheim. All seagulls have custom sounds and animations, disappear from 9pm to 6am, and move in unique flight patterns. Lots of birds to squint up at when you're traipsing along the coasts. Here's a little more details regarding certain areas.

Solitude - I've replaced all hawkes at Solitude docks with seagulls that have their own unique flight patterns, along with quite a few friends! No more synchronized hawkes ruining your immersion! There are also seagulls peppered all along the coasts on the northwest side.

Sea of Ghosts
- There are now seagulls excitedly circling shiprecks, ruins, remains and any areas of human habitation. You may encounter a stray seagull or two along the coast, but they usually hang out where the pickings are good!

Windhelm - There are seagulls now circling the busy port of windhelm, and along the channel right to the sea! Very immersive!

Winterhold - A few stray seagulls fly around winterhold and risk the bad weather for scraps, but a lot more are prowling the coast below. Lots of horker and wolf kills to feed off of!

Castle Volkihar - There are now lots of spooky seagulls surrounding the area of Castle Volkihar, and some even on the way to the castle itself, if you're in the mood for swimming or boating!

Raven Rock/Solstheim - Seagulls now circle all the very habited coasts of Solstheim, including the port town of Raven Rock!

New 'Riften' Version - Adds seagulls to Riften's docks, as well as within the city, and a few around Goldenglow Estate. Also adds a few gulls around Half Moon Mill at Lake Ilinalta for 'reasons' (bodies).


Install with any mod manager!


This has no conflicts whatsoever with any mod, as they have all been uniquely hand-placed, and the simple script used is standalone and lightweight - it only turns off the models at night at 9pm and back on and 6am. Flying Crows is completely compatible, as likely everything else. Some big city overhauls might have slight clipping with birds, but in my testing I've not seen anything conflict yet.

Louder Nature - Birds and Insects - makes vanilla bird song louder, so it's more pronounced
Flying Crows SSE - adds crows to Skyrim and compliments this nicely. No compatibility issues.
Farm Animals and Co - adds many ground and water birds (as in walking/swimming) to farms and the wilderness.
Ducks and Swans - Similar to above, but only adds ducks/swans.
Pigeons - Pigeons- Mihail Monsters and Animals - adds ground-bound pigeons to cities.

This mod was granted permission to be released by Tamira, so all models/textures/sounds and animations come from the resource itself - all I did was just add them throughout the game!

Huge thanks to JaymzPaul for their contributions, which included turning the birds to MSTT variants so that the functionality of the crowtimeswitch script would work, as well as giving them lod and improving the audio. Also huge thanks to KongeMeier, IamHovah for allowing permission for the crowtimeswitch script, as well as Cipscis for the automatic light switch script, which gives the birds the ability to disappear at night. So cool. :)

Another huge thanks to li1nx for creating their amazing Champollion Decompiler, as well as WushuLate for their incredibly easy-to-use Papyrus Compiler App so that I could rename the crow script to make this mod truly standalone and avoid risking script overwrites. Maybe this was really extra, but hey, I learned a lot. :)

I'm currently too busy these days to be making patches, so if you'd like to make a patch for this mod, feel free to share with me or upload yourself so long as it's an esp/esl patch and not using the assets of this mod UNLESS you get specific permission from Tamira! Let's respect our fellow modders, hm?

Hope you enjoy and happy modding!! :)