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Higher polygon meshes and better textures for the awesome Eating Animations and Sounds mod.

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Eating Animations and Sounds
My HD versions and patches by Xtudo


Higher polygon meshes and better textures for the awesome Eating Animations and Sounds mod by NazeemUzeem.

This mod will improve the items from the Eating Animations mod, it is a combination of three must have mods Remiros' Dragonborn Alcohol HD by Remiros, High Poly Project by LucidAPsRudy HQ - Miscellaneous by Rudy102 and Basic Dining Set Replacer by SDlutz, and my own tweaks to meshes and textures.

All Kudos to the authors, that gave me permission for use their wonderful work, you can access their profile pages here:

I made it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it.

In the optional download section you'll find patches for the next mods (If you want a patch for some other mod, just let me know, I'll try to do it):
  • HD sweet roll vanilla replacer.
  • High Poly Project Boiled Creme Treat.
  • TB's Better Bread patch.
  • Pie 4K-8K by iimlenny patch.
  • Bread 4K-8K by iimlenny patch.
  • Medieval Plate 2K-8K by iimlenny patch.
  • Slightly Better Honey Nut Treat patch.
  • Eidar Cheese Wedge 2K-8K by iimlenny patch.
  • Medieval Wine 2K-8K by iimlenny patch.
  • Apples 2K-8K by iimlenny patch.
  • Medieval Spirits patch.
  • Cheese Wedge - Replacer patch.
  • TMD Winery patch.
  • Halffaces - Dragonborn alcohol All-in-One.
  • Arcs Tankard Redux.
  • Nordic Tankard by iimlenny patch here.
  • Halffaces - Goat cheese.
  • TB's Carrot Cake. Intended for the Optional Replacer files.
  • Basic Dining Set Replacer - Tankard.
  • Cabbage 2K-8K by iimlenny.
  • HFs - Tankard.

Main version v6.1
  • Updated for EAS v1.9.4.


- LE version here.

  • Many thanks to TheBlenderAnimator, ArchonShadow, Halffaces, TheMilkDrinker, Pfuscher, NazeemUzeem, LucidAPs, Rudy102, Remiros, Mathy79, iimlenny and SDlutz.

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