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Retextures for aMidianBorn Glass armor and weapons to provide a matching color sets.

Permissions and credits
This mod is textures and models replacer for glass armor and weapons, using aMidianBorn Book of Silence and other assets created by the community to provide a matching color for the full armory of glass. This is part of a bigger project I am working on that aims to add matching weapons for aMidianBorn Content Addon, as well as other equipment in game. 

Disclaimer: I am not a texture/model artist or graphic designer and these are not made from scratch by me. I am just a common modder that make use of various great assets and tools provided by the community to create something for my personal use. This is a passionate project that I enjoy doing in my spare times, and share with the community and somewhat contribute to it after years of great joy using those excellent mods. All credits go to the authors of the original assets.

There are 4 version of the glass armory you can choose from.
All incorporate LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons, Better fitting Glass Helmet and Practical Female Armors.

Concept Art Version
This is the default version and resemble of the concept art in the Elder Scrolls Blades. This is the color style from sforzinda's VARIATIONS, with aMidianborn glass armor details.

Morrowind Version
Resemble of the Morrowind steel style.

Thalmor aMidianborn Version
This is close to the Thalmor version in Book of Silence.

Thalmor sforzinda Version
This is the color style from sforzinda's VARIATIONS mod (Mournhold Glass Armour & Weapons), with aMidianborn glass armor details.

Not compatible with other retextures.
Meshes replacer needed to be patched for the looks intended. (Add the new cubemap and scabbard to the meshes)

Modd3r and CaBaL for aMidianBorn Glass Armor
sforzinda for VARIATIONS
JESSETIN3 for More Morrowind Like Glass Weapons Texture (with permission)
HigheverRains for HR's Glass Weapons
opusGlass for Automatic Texture Upgrader
IconicDeath for Project Clarity - Vanilla Weapon Textures Redone
AoT Team - Albatross - Samantha Says for Armoury of Tamriel v2.0
fume0101 for Ethereal Elven Equipment
NordwarUA for Minor Armor
Abakus for Better fitting Glass Helmet
LeanWolf and masterofshadows for LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons
JZBai for Practical Female Armors
kartoffel for Quality CubeMaps
cALAMIN for HD CubeMap Collection