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High resolution AI up-scaled weapon textures, for every single weapon.

Permissions and credits
Project Clarity - Vanilla Armor Textures Redone

All weapon textures have been up-scaled with an AI upscaler, hand sharpened in Photoshop using a custom sharpening method that leaves no
hard edges, and saved in BC7 file format.

100% Lore/Vanilla friendly.

This can be used as is, to either replace weapon textures, or be used as a base to build on.

This is also a modders resource, feel free to use these textures for
anything and everything you want. Permissions are open. Credit is
preferable but not required.

I took the liberty of modifying the Draugr weapon textures. The wood portion is brown now, and no longer an eye wrenching green. This was the only non-vanilla modification done to the textures.

These are still Bethesda textures, the quality doesn't even come close to
retextures made from scratch; such as, aMidianborn, FrankFamily, And
Gamwich's textures. However they are still better than vanilla, and this
mod should serve as an excellent base for building textures off of.

~ Project Clarity Mods