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Retextures the base game glass weapons to match aMidianborn's Thalmorized Glass retexture (not included).

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Really like the glass set but tired of the weapons being sickly disgusting green? You're not alone. 

I've used the aMidianborn Thalmorized Glass retexture since LE, and ported my own version over for personal use for SE. However, aMidianborn does not include retextures of the glass weapons, and I found the green particularly jarring in comparison to the softer tealy blue. This has put me off playing with the glass set because it just looks so ugly. Hence, this retexture.

There are a few different file options, only one of which is required for the actual mod. None of them require any plugin files, as they're just textures. In all cases, I've tried to just repurpose the existing normal and specular maps from the vanilla game, as they worked fine, and just improve the diffuse textures, which are all 2K in size.


  • Base - Main File. This provides the diffuse textures for the glass weapons at 2K size.
  • Chillrend - Optional File. This provides a diffuse texture for Chillrend, and custom meshes. I repathed the textures for the handle, and changed cubemaps to get the reflections and colors to look a bit more icy and cold for this model. This will conflict with other mods altering the Chillrend meshes.
  • Chillrend - Leanwolf's Better Shaped Weapons - Optional File. If you use Better Shaped Weapons, I've made the same edits to LeanWolf's mesh as the Chillrend edits above to keep the slimmer blade for Chillrend. Grab this file instead of the other Chillrend package if you want the new look. Permissions permit repacking the mesh for this purpose, provided credit is given. (As a side note this mod is awesome and makes everything look much better, go check it out! :D)
  • LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons
  • Shield - Optional File. This provides a mesh edit that repaths the cubemaps of the shield mesh to point to This is used on the male armor set, and helps to make the shield less icky green and a bit closer to matching. If you want your shield to match the preview images, you'll need to grab this. If you're using any replacers that edit this mesh, you can make the alterations yourself by just changing the cubemap on your own nifs to point to instead of on the textures.
  • Female Armor - Optional File. This provides a mesh edit that repaths the cubemaps of the female armor cuirass mesh to The male armor set is a mix between the for the glass elements and the cubemap for the metallic portions. The female armor set is actually not split into two object groups however, and so just uses shinybright, which makes gold accents appear silver, and the glass look icky green instead of pearly blue. This will conflict with any mesh replacers that overwrite the vanilla female armor. If you want your female armor to match the preview images, you'll need to grab this. If you're using any replacers that edit this mesh, you can make the alterations yourself by just changing the cubemap on your own nifs to point to instead of on the textures.

1. Download the Base file and any desired optional files. 
2. Either add to your mod manager of choice, or extract the contents to the data directory of your game. 
3. Enjoy. 

1. Delete the meshes and textures from your data folder (the vanilla ones are packed into the BSAs this won't hurt it). You need to make sure you get:
- All weapons textures in Data\Textures\Weapons\Glass (including Chillrend if you added one of those optional packages)
- Chillrend meshes in Data\Meshes\Weapons\Glass (if you added one of the Chillrend optional packages only)
- Any female armor cuirass meshes in Data\Meshes\Armor\Glass\f (if you added the Female Armor optional package only)
 -Any shield meshes in Data\Meshes\Armor\Glass (if you added the Shield Meshes optional package only)

I do not intend to create my own armor retextures at this time, as I built them deliberately to match the aMidianborn Thalmorized Glass armor retexture (find them HERE or HERE - individual porting to SSE required).

I used the vanilla glass weapon texture as a base, and then built my own brand new textures over the top, so they would match the design but include higher resolution metallic textures, glass, and new colorations, as well as the burnished gold edgework. This is a style that was deliberately chosen to match the aMidianborn Thalmorized Glass texture, which uses a similar burnished gold trim, but the work is entirely my own and you will notice some differences as a result (namely in the glass texture and the metallic finish, as well as the lack of an embossed overlay in the metals).

-Textures should be compatible with anything that uses the vanilla base game textures (so meshes like LeanWolf's are just fine for the vanilla glass non-unique weapons).
-Meshes are incompatible with other mods that edit the meshes. This is why these files are optional and not included in the base download, as I know replacers are popular and I cannot account for them all. I will not be providing support for these different variations. I have provided general instructions for female armor and shield texture edits so you can do it yourself. 

The female armor is ugly. The male armor is so much nicer. Grab yourself one of the female armor replacers below (just the glass, unless you like others) and it will work straight out the box for you. Some even have bodyslide support if you insist on different body shapes. Here's a few options (I use the first but they're more or less the same).
Practical Female Armors SE
Female Armor Overhaul 

You have the permission to use the textures, so long as you credit me in the description of your mods, you leave a comment on this page letting me know what's happening with a link to your edits/repost, and your mods are hosted ONLY on the Nexus or the associated Xbox site. Ports to different versions of Skyrim is acceptable (I will not be doing this personally), but ports to other games is not permitted as this mod uses Skyrim vanilla meshes where applicable and their textures as its primary base.

You have the permission to edit/rehost my meshes too, but you are NOT permitted to edit the Leanwolf meshes. Please go and get that from the Better Shaped Weapons page instead. Give them the download, and check their permissions, and endorse them! They do good work :D.

Also, just to make sure it's understood: this mod does not include aMidianborn textures. Per aMidianborn permissions, no one is allowed to repost their textures. If you do use my textures within your own mods/edits, you are still not permitted to repost any aMidianborn textures to match. I am not affiliated with Cabal or the other aMidianborn developers in any way, and I have respected their permissions here. I please ask that you continue to do the same. :)