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Armoury of Tamriel is a weapons and armour overhaul that sets out to separate material from design. Every weapon and armour, craft-able and found in the world as loot and on NPCs, in iron, steel, moonstone, orichalcum, silver, dwarven, glass, ebony, and daedric. That's 1,158 new weapons, and 1,863 new armours! 3,021 new pieces of gear to play with!

Permissions and credits
Ported to Skyrim Special Edition, with permission granted by Albatross.

Armoury of Tamriel v2.0

Ever been annoyed by having to choose between your favourite armour and having decent stats? Ever felt let down that your Orcish warrior was better off using a fancy-pants ornate sword instead of a proper face splitting Orcish sabre? Ever wonder why every single smith in Tamriel makes ebony warhammers that look exactly alike?

Well, that's what Armoury of Tamriel sets out to fix.


  • All non-unique weapons in every material.

  • All non-unique metal-using armours in every material.

  • New weapons in certain styles.

  • Special enchanted runic Ancient Nord weapons and armours craftable and found in-game.

  • New books purchasable from merchants or lootable from appropriate places that teach weapon and armour crafting styles.

  • New crafting recipes to convert certain heavy armours into light variants.

  • Crossbow and bolt variants and distribution.

  • New smithing skill tree system (optional).


  • 9 materials for all armour and weapon styles:

  • Create armours out of Silver to provide a passive magic resistance.

  • 21 available armour styles:

  • 14 available weapon styles:

  • That comes out to 1,158 new weapons and 1,863 new armour pieces. A whopping 3,021 new pieces of gear for you to play with!

  • Styles change how the weapon handles. Most of these stats aren't displayed in-game, so here's a list that spoils what the differences are:

  • 6 unique armour sets:

  • (New in update 2.1) 13 new weapon types in certain styles:

  • 2 colour variants for Daedric and Ebony armour.

  • Ability to convert Glass, Moonstone, and Silver armours into light armour.

  • Smithing perk tree options:
  1. The standard version simply changes the perk tree from two linear paths to a tiered ladder.
  2. The overhaul version replaces the material perks with new perks that improve the tempering of any armour or weapon. New crafting materials are automatically learned as you gain experience with smithing.
  3. The compatibility version makes no changes to the Smithing perk tree or perks and is recommended if you're running another mod that changes perk trees.

  • Optional crafting only version.

How is this different from Armoury of Tamriel 1.2 and Ish's Ars Armorum?

This version of Armoury of Tamriel (v2.0) was never uploaded to Nexus. Armoury of Tamriel 1.2 only includes weapons, whereas Armoury of Tamriel v2.0 has both weapons and armours. Ish's Ars Armorum was a spiritual successor to the 1.2 version of Armoury of Tamriel, and contains fewer materials and styles than Armoury of Tamriel v2.0.

This version is also different from the original v2.0 forum upload. I took that original one and have provided bugfixes and optimisations, and managed to squeeze the file size down tremendously. This version also has several unique patches for other mods.

Getting Started

If you're not interested in crafting, then all you really need to know is that there's now a whole bunch of new toys to play with out in the world. Find them in chests, wielded or worn by your enemies, or at your friendly local merchants.

If you're interested in crafting then you can find or purchase crafting manuals (called "Smith: {Book Name}") around Skyrim to unlock new crafting recipes.

If you're a light armour user then don't feel left out in the cold. You can purchase a guide on armour adjustment from smiths that will allow you to convert the fit of heavy armours made out of Moonstone, Silver or Glass to light armour.


Simply download the main file and install it to your favourite mod manager. The included FOMOD will guide you through the rest.
If installing manually, move the contents of "00 Base," and a perk tree from "01 Perk Trees" into the game's Data folder.

Creating a bashed patch is highly recommended for maintaining Armoury of Tamriel's leveled list changes, and it's definitely worth learning how to make one.

Patches for Improved Closefaced Helmets, LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons, Summermyst, Practical Female Armours, and more can be downloaded in the Optional Files.

Future Plans

  • The main priority will be fixing any reported bugs. Don't hesitate to use the Bugs tab to report anything you find, I can't fix it if I don't know it's broken.

  • Another thing I'm looking at is the quality of the items. If something doesn't look quite right, if it's too shiny or not shiny enough, do let me know as well.

  • Adding compatibility patches for popular mods. For example, audio overhauls and world level changers.

  • There are two main updates that I plan to do. They even have fancy names:

  • Enchanted Armoury of Tamriel. Adding enchanted variants in the vanilla way. I haven't found a script that handles the entire process in a way I'm happy with, so either a lot of manual work is needed or I'm waiting for a couple of the scripts that I'm keeping an eye on to update.

  • Heavy Armoury of Tamriel. An optional version with an expanded arsenal of weapons was always planned, but then I remembered Heavy Armory. With open permissions to use the meshes, I plan to add clubs, halberds, hatchets, long maces, mauls, quarter staves, shortspears, shortswords, spears, glaives, and tridents to Armoury of Tamriel v2.0.

  • At the start of 2022, I received permission from Registrant to include some of their weapon models. You may recognise them from Reforging - To the Masses (Weapons Expansion). I plan to give some of these weapons the Armoury of Tamriel treatment as well.

Recommended Mods

Armor Rating Redux - Makes the armour rating of your new gear more important!
Know Your Enemy - Adds unique resistances and weaknesses to enemies and armours, making your gear choice much more interesting. A hand-made patch is available to give Armoury of Tamriel's armours correct keywords.
Mortal Enemies - Adds attack commitment. Not only makes it easier to dodge enemy attacks but also makes the swing speed of your weapon's style something to consider.
Non-Exploitable Crossbow Reload - With all the new fancy crossbows you'll find, why settle for automatically reloading after firing your shot, leaving you vulnerable to retaliation? This mod lets you fire and reload when you're ready.
Temper Enchant Service - A personal favourite of mine, you can commission smiths to temper your gear and pay mages to enchant it. You can also find tempered gear on enemies! If you're a fan of item degradation, you can also enable a basic system that blends very well into Skyrim where the temper level decreases with use. You'll have to take care of your gear to keep it in peak condition.
Wildcat - A fun combat overhaul, though you can choose any similar mod you prefer!


Q. Is this mod compatible with Complete Crafting Overhaul or similar mods?
A. No, those mods aren’t compatible with mods that add new items or change existing crafting recipes, and AoT most certainly does that. But don’t worry, AoT already integrates most of the features of those mods.

Q. Is this mod compatible with X mod?
A. AoT is built with compatibility in mind, but it’s also a huge mod. The two big compatibility problems are mods that change leveled lists to add new items to NPCs and in loot, and mods that rebalance gameplay by changing the stats of all weapons manually. If you use Wrye Bash to make a Bashed Patch then the first is dealt with (you can run those mods with Armoury of Tamriel without creating a bashed patch, but whichever runs last will override the change of the other, making items from that mod appear rarely in loot/on generic NPCs). The second is more difficult and will likely cause balance issues in the game unless a compatibility patch is made.

Q. Why do my items have awful texture wrapping?
A. AoT uses texture sets to apply the new material textures to the vanilla models. If you are using a mesh replacer that is not compatible with vanilla textures, then they will not be compatible with AoT. Either uninstall the mesh replacer, or request a compatibility patch in the Posts tab.

Q. I can only craft Basic and Studded Hide items? What do?
A. You can learn new item styles through the magic of reading! Books can be purchased through blacksmiths and some merchants and occasionally found in bandit loot. Simply read a book in your inventory to enable/disable crafting of a weapon/armour style. Some styles will require the Advanced Armors perk, which will allow you to craft Plate armour.

Q. Why not just have all the recipes available from the start?
A. With all recipes active at once the smithing menu will run extremely slow and may cause game crashes.

Q. How do I swap armour class for moonstone, silver and glass heavy armours?
A. You can purchase a book from blacksmiths called "Smith: Armour Adjustment". It will teach you a lesser power (activated from your powers menu and cast with the 'z' key by default like any shout or racial power) that opens up a menu that lets you swap the armour class of any eligible armour in your inventory.

Q. How do I make Dragon Rune weapons and armours?
A. There's a rare book "Smith: A Treatise on the Power of Language" that when read will grant you a power (selectable and cast in the same way as racial powers or shouts) that will open a crafting menu that lets you create dragon rune weapons and armours. You can find runes in boss chests in draugr ruins or make them by using a Dragon's soul.

Q. Why do some weapon styles have worse/better/different stats than others?
A. Because a giant, thick, spiky Daedric sword shouldn’t be identical to a sleek Dunmeri blade! Weapon styles may have different weights, swing speeds, critical hit chances and damage. If a weapon looks ‘worse’ than another similar weapon it’s likely because it’s much faster and has a higher critical hit chance.

Q. Is there a cheat room or a way to see every item?
A. Yes! Use the console command "coc 300armouryoftamriel" to get teleported to a simple room with chests containing all of Armoury of Tamriel's items.

Q. Is this mod savegame compatible?
A. Yes. NPC and shop inventories will need to refresh before you start seeing the items equipped on them or purchasable, but this should only take a few in-game days or be instant if you've not been to that area in more than a few days.

Q. Is this mod safe to install/uninstall?
A. Yes. The mod contains only a few scripts and they're all designed to be lightweight and have no game-breaking impacts if uninstalled. Though you should always be careful when uninstalling ANY mod part way through your playthrough.


Samantha Says - SSE port, further patches and support
Oblivionplayer437 - Additional help with update 2.4.

Is This Display Name Taken?/Albatross - Scripts, .nif files, writing, construction set work, misc. texturing
PrivateEye - Additional weapon meshes from Heavy Armory - New Weapons
Arctorius - Armour Textures
Ishmael the Forsaken - Weapon Textures
Baratan - Original creator of the mod