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High Resolution Texture Replacer for glass set

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Distribution permission: This file is a Nexus-exclusive-release,
please respect my decision and
DO NOT reupload it elsewhere....
I did not give nor want to give permission for any kind of reupload.

High Resolution Texture Replacer for glass set

*** As usual, everything has been redone from scratch.

***Same resolution as the official high-res DLC textures

***This work should be compatible with pretty much everything, including remodeled mesh versions (for various body replacers) and mods using parts of the set.

Standalone Plugins by Modd3r:
A) aMidianBorn Glass_Variants - this plugin add to the game 2 new armors: the Thalmor Glass Armor and the Steel Glass Armor.
They are 2 glass armors using the MWV and Thalmorized textures, they are obtainables in many ways.
The default glass armor uses the Golden Glass textures.
B) aMidianBorn Glass_Variants_LORE (honestly my personal choice ndCabal) - this is exactly the same as above (it adds 2 new armors obtainables in many ways) but with only one big difference: the crafting of the 2 new armors has RACE REQUIREMENT:
The Steel Glass is craftable only by Nords.
The Thalmor Glass is craftable only by High Elves.

Installation: extract the archive in Skyrim MAIN folder, then activate the .esp with Skyrim Launcher.



Forgeable sets from A and B may have compatibility issues because they use their own meshes...

Here u can find a patch for unp bodies: Glass Variants UNP Patch
huge thanks to Gambit77

for following textures replacer simply use NMM or extract the archive in Skyrim's DATA folder:

C) aMidianborn_glass_golden: simple replacer without any esp uses yellow/golden line with vanilla style

D) aMidianborn_glass_MWV: simple replacer ,without any esp file, in morrowind style glass...malachite is more green and dark

E) aMidianBorn _glass_thalmorized: simple replacer ,without any esp file, in line with dark thalmor style

Choose the package you prefer!
Wrye bash users should update the bashed patch in case of "variants" package.
The other should try to keep the esp near the end of load order.

Little FAQ by Modd3r:
1) How do I install the plugins?
M: it's easy, you have to extract the archive inside Skyrim MAIN folder.
(The archive contains the folder "data" with inside "meshes", "textures" and the esp you've chosen)

2)There are compatibility issue about the plugins?
M:No, they should be compatible with most of the mods out there.
Just consider every mod that change the leveled lists of the Thalmors can probably overwrite the modifies I did, so watch out.

3)Why can't I craft the Thalmor/Steel Glass!?
M: It's because you are probably using the Variants Lore Plugin and your character doesn't have the race required, you can either download the standard Variants Plugin or find them around the world! (see above for more informations)

4) Why the Lore Plugin has the race limitation craft? Were you drunk while making the esp?
M: because I though the idea of a little more "depth" about this glass variants would be a nice idea, and it gives them a little more logical sense in a certain way.
Why everyone know how to craft the Thalmor specific glass armor?
And why the elves should use the steel to craft a glass armor, while they already know how to craft it using the moonstone or the gold? And who are the best blacksmiths in Skyrim that use steel?
And with this plugin those armors are less trivial, don't you think?

5)Where can I find the Steel/Thalmor Glass Armor?
They can be both found as loot/received as reward.
The Steel can be bought from blacksmiths, the Thalmor can be looted from Thalmors.
And through crafting with their own recipes, off course.

6) Are they enchantables/upgradables?
Absolutely yes, go on!

7)What ENB/Mod/Pose have you used in that screenshot?
Please report us what screenshot are you talking about and we'll tell you the author of it, many of the screenshots are not our own but they are from people who helped us

8) Seriously why call it Glass when it's not transparent? Do you even know what GLASS is?
The Glass armor is actually made of Malachite, an it's not a transparent material.. as you can see in Google Images, they even do bathtubs with Malachite.
So it's actually not "real" glass

9) Can we use UNP/UNPB/CBBE/etc armor replacement for these plugins?
Actually you can, what you have to do is follow this path
Data\meshes\armor\Glassvariants, inside you'll find 2 directories for each set, open them and put the new armor meshes inside "f".
After that you have to modify the texture path in nifskope: open the mesh file, in the menu on the left (Block List) click on (I report only the thing you have to click on):
0 NiNode <-
1 NiTriShape <-
6 BSLightingShaderProperty <-
8 NiTriShape <-
13 BSLightingShaderProperty <-

Inside BSLightingShaderProperty there is BSShaderTextureSet, if you click on it you will see new options under Block Details (see window below Block List), click on Textures.
You have to modify those texture paths you see.

10)I use Better Fitting Glass Helmet and it doesn't work with your plugin, make a compatibility patch!
First of all, probably it would be better to ask the author of BFGH since they are his meshes, imho but there is a way you can use them with Glass Variants:
10a) Put the meshes from that mod in the Glassvariants meshes Data\meshes\armor\Glassvariants Thalmor and MWV, you have to overwrite the meshes we included.
10b) Open the helmet meshes with nifskope and change the texture path like explained in the FAQ (Step 10), it works in the same way as for the armors.
That's all!

11) I can't see the new textures when I use Weapons of the Third Era! (Solution by hlvrn)
The retexture is only incompatible with the replacer version of 3rd era, not anything else.
This can easily be fixed by simply copying your armor textures in the correct 3rd era folder and overwrite.
The correct folder is "vanglassretex" in third era weapons.
However, this folder only includes the color maps (which must be overwritten) and not normal maps or envmask textures.
So in order for the mod to show up properly you have to install all the textures in the original Skyrim directory as well.

If you have any other question, don't hesitate to ask.

beta testers and image contributors of AMB project:

grace darkling

my mods: (click on the images)