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Custom patches for my modlists

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I learned how to create patches for mods exactly 5 minutes ago, so I created a mod where I upload each patch that I use in my current modlist and that can be used for future modlists.

DCR - King Crusader Mega Pack - ESL
Compacted and ESL flagged DCR - King Crusader Mega Pack.

Ebongrove - Ryn's Dragon Mounds Patch
Compatibility patch so that the rocks from Ryn's Dragon Mound do not block the entrance to Ebongrove.

Grimgath - stronger
Makes Grimgath stronger (and slower). he can onekill everyone but is extremelly slow
min. level 50 -> 100
max. level 100 -> 200
More HP
Speed reduced 60%
Attack speed reduced 60%
Damage increased x100

Izela Clovermist - stronger - remove tomes
Removes the abyss tomes from Izela and make her stronger.
min. level 50 -> 100
max. level 100 -> 200
20% more speed
more hp and mp
Strongest staff enchantment

Lord Jabal - stronger
Makes Lord Jabal stronger.
min. level 50 -> 100
max. level 100 -> 200
20% slower
more hp

LOTD - Ebony Warrior - Last Vigil Patch
Adds the Last Vigil key handover to the Ebon Warrior. This is like the Ryn's Snazzy Last Vigil patch from the optional file in Ebony Warrior Re-Imagined, but in addition, Ebony Warrior drops the mod's typical LOTD cards.

LOTD BadGremlins Collectibles - remove note
Patch for "Legacy of the Dragonborn BadGremlins Collection" to remove the starting note from the player's inventory at startup. Added to Phinis Gestor's inventory instead.

LOTD OWL - Leveled Items patch
Adds items that are excluded from some Legacy of the Dragonborn leveled lists when installed together with Open world loot.
It does NOT replace the LOTD patch for OWL from Open World Loot Patches, but rather complements it.

Nightsky 4K Galaxy 2K Masser 512 Secunda - ESL
ESL version of masser x4 and second x3

Obis - Remove starting book
Nowadays, on PC everyone uses MCM to configure mods, and the need for other configuration elements is no longer necessary (on PC).Therefore, this patch removes the configuration book that is normally added to the character's inventory when starting out.

Custom Skills - Unarmoured Defense - Permanent buffs
The buffs from "Custom skills - unarmoured defense" no longer requires going without armor to work.
On the other hand, the power of the buffs has been reduced.

Wildcat - Remove starting power
As in the case of the OBIS book, here a proxy is used to configure wildcat. With MCM it is not necessary and we eliminate it.