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Craftable 'Face Masks' for the characters of Skyrim

There are two versions of the Face Masks that each come in 8 different colours. They can be worn by both males and females and are FULLY compatible with beast races.

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This mod adds a craftable 'Face Mask' to the game of Skyrim

.: FULL Beast race support :.

It comes in 8 colour variants: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.
They use New Slots so they can be worn with any Helmet, Circlet or Robe
(Not suitable with Orc races)

- Uses Slot [#44] -

Many thanks to Brodual and insane0hflex for these awesome mod spotlights

You can craft the 'Face Mask' using any 'Tanning Rack' under the 'Chitin' section.

To craft a 'Face Mask', you will need:
  • 2 Linen Wrap

To craft the 'Face Mask (No Scarf)' version, you will need:
  • 1 Linen Wrap

  • Download with Nexus Mod Manager and make sure its checked under the Mods tab.
  • Or download manualy and extract to your Data folder in your Skyrim directory.

- Changed the textures to colour match the capes from 'Cloaks and Capes'
- Removed the knot from the back of the masks to help clipping with hairs and helmets.
- Changed item slot to 44
- Bandits will wear Leather masks
- Boss enemies will wear relevant coloured masks to match their armours.
- General mod/mesh fixes

- Initial release
- Adds craftable 'Face Mask' to the game

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