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Dear Bethesda,

Your civil war sucks. Someone else fixed it for you.

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For Skyrim Special/Anniversay Edition

This mod attempts to bring new life into the frankly b*llshit Civil War questline. This mod is based off of the original Civil War Overhaul by Apollodown. I have gone and rebuilt the mod from the ground up, hopefully adding a lot of support and stability in addition to many enhancements to deliver an improved experience but also sticking to the vision of the original mod.

But First a Warning:

Skyrim's Civil War is the most script heavy and problematic piece of the game (hence why so much of it was cut). This mod does its best to fix things while also adding a lot of other neat things but there is only so much lip-stick I can slather on this pig. To that end, I am stealing this list of tips from nexus user Enodoc on Tips for an Efficient and Effective Civil War. PLEASE HEED THIS ADVICE:

  • From the Battle of Whiterun until after the Battle of Solitude or Windhelm, make sure that you SAVE OFTEN.
  • Don’t travel directly from one Civil War objective to the next. If you go too fast, you’ll overtake the Civil War script, and things may start breaking - garrisons not changing ownership, quests and missions not starting, etc.If a quest or mission does not start within 60 seconds, and there’s no notification saying it failed, it’s likely the script is hanging. If you’re inside a palace or longhouse, leave the interior; if you’re at a military camp, fast travel to the camp’s map marker. (Forcing the game through a loading screen usually frees up the scripts.)
  • The MCM option has been provided to 'Get CWO Unstuck'. Utilize it if you think that something is not working. 
  • Always keep a backup save from before the Battle for Whiterun (and don’t delete it until after the Battle for Windhelm or Battle for Solitude).
  • If a Failed to Start notification appears for a siege, or something doesn’t work as expected or otherwise intended, stop. As they say in Morrowind, “Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created.”

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Read this Mod Description :) Use any mod manager. Install. Enjoy.


I included an option to Uninstall in the MCM. But I haven't tried it yet and even so it should only be used as a last resort. This mod should be lightweight enough so that nothing crazy should be running while the Civil War questline is not in progress.

Original Mod Description... For Posterity



Apollodown - The OG Civil War Madlad. So I was a first day buyer of Skyrim for the XBox 360. I think I only made it 30 hours before I put it down. Mid-2016, I had a PC (well a MacBook) and I had some free time to casually look through the 20,000 something Skryim mods on the Nexus. That's when I saw the original Civil War Overhaul and I remember how incredibly lackluster my 2011 Skyrim experience was. I looked at the wacky description and I thought that this was exactly what Skyrim was missing. Without Civil War Overhaul, I don't think I would've given Skyrim a second chance so I guess I have him to thank for the thousands of hours of joy (and frustration) my modded Skyrim experience has been.

Reddit user u/inmundano for the incredibly helpful Reddit post detailing issues of the original Civil War Overhaul (along with hints as how to fix said issue).

simtam for Open Civil War - I am using the fixes from cwarrowvolleyparentscript and CWAttackCityConfrontationTriggerScript from Open Civil War. I also followed a lot of excellent literature that he wrote on how the Civil War works. He is probably the most knowledgeable modder on the Civil War and we are lucky to have him as part of the modding community.

Reddit user u/Earslingofmammoths for giving me the extra push to start working on this.

Reddit user u/AlexKwiatek for beta testing and for giving me enough feature suggestions that should keep me busy until ES6 comes out. He has also assisted in fixing some of the compatibility issues with the Season Unending Questline.

Nexus user Enodoc for allowing me to use some elements from his Serious Civil War Final Sieges mod.

Nexus user domenicus7 for beta testing and providing some fixes for me to incorporate into the Whiterun siege.

Github users LabWazHere, Eve-Knight (Xatherine on Nexus), and DarthVitrial who offered extensive testing and suggestions.

PaleNoisestumbajamba, and Aenkill for Attack Dogs and the resources that come along with it. I am using the armored dog and wolf meshes from that mod.

li1nx for Champollion

ElminsterAU for SSEEdit

nimrodxy for VSCode Skyrim SE Papyrus Project Template

Lastly, wanted to thank my husband for his patience with my very time consuming hobby lol and for his assistance with quest names for the new quests.