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Dear Bethesda,

Your civil war sucks. Someone else fixed it for you.

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Hello there children!

Here is the long awaited SSE release of Civil War Overhaul by Apollodown. The ‘Redux’ part pertains to the stuff I added which is currently amounts to a bunch of bug fixes and a few balancing changes to hopefully give you a smoother and more stable experience while you are hacking your enemies to pieces in the name of the empire/sons of Skyrim.

But first, I cannot possibly give a better description of what this mod does than from the original mod author himself. So here it is in all its outdated meme’d glory.


if you didn’t feel like reading all of that, the tldr; is that this mod restores a cut dynamic civil war mechanic where holds must be taken by force (forts, minor and major capital sieges for all 9 holds) and the tide of the war can change given winning or losing a battle. It also adds a spies system to keep you on your toes when you think you’re safe in an allied hold, restores a cut general assassination quest, makes the battles themselves much more exciting and dynamic, adds a lightweight disguise system so you must look the part when entering enemy holds, and more!!

FAQ (which ends up devolving into a typical conversation I have with myself)

Q: I heard that this mod is a buggy mess that will break the civil war, destroy my save and will grind my CPU into hamburger meat. Why should I bother with this?

A: Well if you had any interest in Civil War Overhaul over the past couple years, you have undoubtedly come across this laundry list of bugs that Apollodown himself endorsed. Since nothing came of it, I have decided to take matters into my own hands and go through the de-compiled source and I found the bugs the reddit user discovered and fix them myself. I am happy to report that I managed to verify that most of the issues mentioned are now resolved. (losing the Civil War is still broken. Just don’t lose 😉 ) USSEP fixes have been forwarded. USSEP is now a hard requirement. I also found several other issues not mentioned and fixed them as well. I have also included a fix or 2 from Open Civil War. Speaking of which, a beta tester from Open Civil War graciously offered to take this mod for a spin and I received the glowing "it's playable" seal of approval. All that being said, this is mod is definitely still considered a beta until I get more feedback.

Q: Speaking of Open Civil War, that mod exists. Again, why should I bother with this?

A: If you are happy with Open Civil War, then you shouldn't bother with this. But, Civil War Overhaul is what you can consider an alternate vision of a better civil war (because, lets be honest, Skyrim's a great game and all but if you liked the vanilla Civil War, you probably wouldn't be reading this). If you played Civil War Overhaul before for Skyrim LE and want to give it another go or if you just want to try something new and you want to help a fellow modder out 😊 by providing feedback to make their mod better, then give this a try.

Q: Well, that's not super convincing but what the hell, I've got nothing better to do.

A: That's the spirit! (that's also not a question)

Q: So I did actually play Civil War Overhaul and I thought that the battles were totally lame. Seriously, Giants and Khajiit in the Stormcloak army? What gives?

A: Well that is a matter of opinion. Buuuuut, if you don't like it, check the CWO zEdit Patcher. It will allow you to adjust what troopers appear and how often. Check here for more info on how to set up (

Q: I read that this mod requires a new play through. Did you fix that?

A: No 😒 And in fact, thanks to that Reddit post above, I fixed a vanilla bug that can cause a CTD during the Battle for Riften that unfortunately requires a new game to take effect because of external cells and blah blah blah. But I'm looking into this and will see what I can do to allow this mod to work on existing saves. Maybe? I think so. Still needs more testing.

Q: That's dumb. Well ok. It turns out that I don't even have a PC and I'm just trolling the Nexus for fun.(??) What about Skyrim VR? XBox One? Sega Master System?

A: Unfortunately, this mod still requires SKSE so XBox One is  currently a no go. That's another item on my TODO list. Skyrim VR I have not tested but it should work??
(I know VR requires a PC.... I'm tired.)

Q: So this mod is not done yet?

A: Not if I can help it😊 The beta tester had a lot of really good suggestions and I am sure other players all will probably give me an earful of how this can be improved. I'll try to put a roadmap together in the next few days so you can see what I have planned in the distant and hopefully not too distant future as well.

Q: Ok. What about compatibility? Will this work with my 800+ plugin load order?

A: Probably? This mod chiefly changes the Civil War quest line (which most mods don't bother touching since the vanilla script code resembles that of a dumpster fire) so most mods should be fine. For obvious reasons, Open Civil War is not compatible. But mods extending the Civil War (e.g. Second Great War and Blood of the North) should be compatible. Mods adding additional civil war skirmishes (e.g. Warzones and Immersive Patrols) should also be compatible. Town and City Mods may need a patch as each town and city have invisible triggers and spawn points for the civil war that keep moving the battle along. If a town or city mod removes or alters these triggers, then things might not work as planned. Let me know if you are using town/city mods and you see weirdness such as troops not engaging during skirmishes. I have not tried Open Cities but I am going to err on the side of not compatible given the sensitive city siege scripts. (I am a dummy. Open Cities is compatible)

Q: Ok. Well this was fun but I don't really care anymore. I'm gonna go play Animal Crossing instead. Have fun creating mods for a 10 year old game.

A: 😢


Use any mod manager. Install. Start a new game. Enjoy.


Please don't. Seriously don't. Even using FallrimTools may leave your game with unintended consequences. 


For now, I am going to include the troubleshooting steps from the original mod that you obviously already read. As more questions come in, I will update this section with some more handy tricks.

Feature Roadmap

CWO Trello Page


Apollodown - The OG Civil War Madlad. So I was a first day buyer of Skyrim for the XBox 360. I think I only made it 30 hours before I put it down. Mid-2016, I had a PC (well a MacBook) and I had some free time to casually look through the 20,000 something Skryim mods on the Nexus. That's when I saw the original Civil War Overhaul and I remember how incredibly lackluster my 2011 Skyrim experience was. I looked at the wacky description and I thought that this was exactly what Skyrim was missing. Without Civil War Overhaul, I don't think I would've given Skyrim a second chance so I guess I have him to thank for the thousands of hours of joy (and frustration) my modded Skyrim experience has been.

Reddit user u/inmundano for the incredibly helpful Reddit post detailing issues of the original Civil War Overhaul (along with hints as how to fix said issue).

simtam for Open Civil War - I am using the fixes from cwarrowvolleyparentscript and CWAttackCityConfrontationTriggerScript from Open Civil War. I also followed a lot of excellent literature that he wrote on how the Civil War works. He is probably the most knowledgeable modder on the Civil War and we are lucky to have him as part of the modding community.

Reddit user u/Earslingofmammoths for giving me the extra push to start working on this.

Reddit user u/AlexKwiatek for beta testing and for giving me enough feature suggestions that should keep me busy until ES6 comes out.

PaleNoisestumbajamba, and Aenkill for Attack Dogs and the resources that come along with it. I am using the armored dog and wolf meshes from that mod.

li1nx for Champollion

ElminsterAU for SSEEdit

nimrodxy for VSCode Skyrim SE Papyrus Project Template