Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Dogs in the vanilla game are worthless in combat, they don't scale properly and even the ones that do scale to a certain level only gain hp and stamina. This mod gives dogs: scaling armor, damage, perks, and follower commands so that you can finally go out into the world without having to watch your dog get mauled by a high level frostbite spider.

Permissions and credits
  • German

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General Mod Features

  • All canines have been split into several roles and damage types depending on their breed. They get scaling armor and damage every 10 levels starting from 10 up to 80. Companions also gain Perks and special abilities when you reach certain levels.
  • Canines have been given various weaknesses and resistances similar to "Know Your Enemy".
  • Canine followers now have increased functionality and can be commanded to do things like you would a normal follower: stay, attack, trade, etc.
  • If your pet dies, whatever it was holding will be transferred to your inventory space.
  • Each pet has their own summoning spell. You can learn the spells from books found inside of their inventories. Stray dogs do not currently have this feature.
  • Animals affected by this mod slowly regenerate health.
  • Certain animals have been given new models and/or textures so you don't have to stare at the same thing all day.
  • The "Conjure Familiar" spell has been renamed to "Conjure Unstable Familiar - Canid". Now your familiar will grow and change forms as your conjuration skill raises every 25 skill levels starting at 0. Learning certain spells can also cause a change.
  • Attacks have been changed so that you have a better shot at dodging them, ala Mortal Enemies.
  • The volume of death hounds, foxes, and wolves has been lowered.
  • Cloak, armor, invisibility, and ward spells will be cast on your pet when you cast them on yourself.
  • Pressure plate traps can't be triggered by companions or summons from this mod.
  • You only have to buy Vigilance one time from Banning. After purchasing Vigilance, even if Banning dies, you can still recruit Vigilance by talking to him.


This page is currently under reconstruction. For more detailed information, read the manual included with the mod. It can also be downloaded separately.