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Guide for the text editor VSCode that allows you to use VSCode with Mod Organizer 2 and Joel Day's Papyrus extension (syntax highlighting, completion etc.) to compile your Papyrus scripts with a simple Shift-Ctrl-B. Also includes an error recognizer for jump-to-error functionality, and instructions on installing debug support.

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Note: Whether you use VSCode or not, please take this poll to help us out! Thanks!

Installing The VSCode Papyrus Extension

This template is now obsolete! Please see the papyrus-lang wiki documentation:

  • Code completion (tab)
  • IntelliSense tooltips for some in-editor documentation
  • Syntax highlighting (of course)
  • Real-Time error checking (linting) as you type
  • Jump to definition
  • Autodetected Build Tasks
  • PPJ File Support thanks to fireundubh's Pyro tool.
  • Real-Time Debugging of script execution! (for FO4 and SSE)
And we shall not stop there.... we're still working on making it better!

Known Issues

There is a usVFS problem in MO2 2.2.1 that can cause CK to fail to create/update/compile scripts. (This is unrelated to VSCode and affects any running CK under MO2.) It should be fixed in 2.2.2 when it is released. Until then ask on the MO2 Discord for a patch or just download the alpha build of 2.2.2 using the link provided there.


If you need help with MO2 then try the MO2 Discord. If you need help with VSCode config then feel free to ping me on there @NimrodX. There is also a discord for the Papyrus VSCode extension.


Thanks goes out to Joel Day and all contributors for the nice Papyrus extension for VSCode and the whole Mod Organizer 2 team for the excellent features of MO2!