Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A set of quality male presets for Race Menu. One set for Vanilla lovers and another set for High Poly Head lovers.

Permissions and credits

** UPDATE** VectorPlexus for HPH has changed sites. You can find it HERE

So, I was creating these lovelies for the sole purpose of making followers, but alas technology hates me and I cannot get my Creation Kit to work.  Now you have been blessed with presets...I'm sorry.  I spent quite a bit of time on them trying to give some decent Vanilla headed men, but since I enjoy using High Poly Head, I have added a set for those who want those presets as well.  I did my best to give you some unique characters.  I tried not to make them all look alike.  Just drop them in your Mod Manger of choice and have fun.

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Some mods to note before I grace you with my lovelies:

Tempered Skins with SOS Lite - slight neck seam with HPH
SAM Lite with SAM High Poly Conversion - recommended
LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons
Immersive Armor
NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacer
Apachii Divine Elegance Store
The Eyes of Beauty - Elves  - All the Elves
Kala's Eyes - All the Humans


All images were taken using Silent Horizons ENB and Cathedral Weathers

When you download, make sure you pay attention to their races and what hair they use. 
Yes, I have more Nords.  Nords are easier to create.  

Arandell - Wood Elf uses KS Hairdo's

Beran - Breton uses KS Hairdo's

Elebor - Wood Elf uses HG Hairdo's (NSFW site-but download fine)

Jadier - Breton uses ApachiiSkyHair and Skin Feature Overlays for freckles

Kylan - Imperial uses HG Hairdo's (NSFW site-but download fine) and Skin Feature Overlays for freckles

Lief - Nord uses KS Hairdo's and Skin Feature Overlays for freckles

Mangnus - Imperial uses KS Hairdo's and Battle Hardened War Paint and Brows

Mikkel - Nord uses KS Hairdo's 

Olvir - Nord uses KS Hairdo's and Skin Feature Overlays for freckles

Rolf - Nord uses KS Hairdo's

Solmund - Nord  uses HG Hairdo's (NSFW site-but download fine) and Skin Feature Overlays for freckles

Thorald - Nord uses ApachiiSkyHair and Skin Feature Overlays for freckles

Ulain - Dark Elf uses HG Hairdo's (NSFW site-but download fine) and Brows

Zanian - Dark Elf uses HG Hairdo's (NSFW site-but download fine)


I would love to see what you create from them!  Share your images!