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The great Battle Hardened Warpaints ported for Special Edition with permission by Diethardt.

Permissions and credits
Since Racemenu is out for SSE and seems to work perfectly for me and many others I wondered, why there are not really any mods for war paints. So I decided to try and port BH Warpaints from Oldrim for myself. Because the port seemed to work without an issue I contacted the original uploader to get permission for an official upload.

So here we are: Thanks to permission by Diethardt I give you:

Battle Hardened Warpaints SE

Feel free to upload your own images in the images section, as I don't have the patience to create a million characters ;)


- SKSE64
- Racemenu

How to install

install with modmanager

How to use in game

- once in the character creation screen, simply go to the header "Makeup"
- in there, first click a slot, and pull up the bottom slider
- from there you are good to go to freely customize the color
- to choose a warpaint, go back to the overview, hover over your slot and press "T"; scroll down to find the BH warpaints or simply filter for "Battle Hardened"

- expired6978 for the Racemenu
- Diethardt and netherwalk for the original mod
- the authors of the videos that helped me make this (DarkfoxTonyo Allie)