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No more "Sorry Lass/Lad, I've got important things to do." Now Brynjolf has time for YOU. This mod adds Brynjolf as a follower and potential lover with fully-voiced dialogue in the original voice. Many Thieves' Guild upgrades including a Player room and bath.

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At last!  You no longer have to content yourself with a "Sorry Lass/Lad, I've got important things to do...". Now Brynjolf has time for YOU.

This is a dialogue quest adding fully voiced organic conversation between you and your favourite Bully-boy.  Although the bath and privy will appear immediately, the dialogue for Brynjolf will only become active once the quest "Darkness Returns is complete", and the the Skeleton Key.   The enforcer will generally be found in the Cistern room or Ragged Flagon at this point.
From there on, It is a two-part quest.

Firstly, Brynjolf becomes a follower
.  He acts as a Teammate, so can accompany you as a lone or additional follower.  Once he reassures you that he has "faith in you", he become available.  He is an incredible tank, beautiful in a fight with his two-handed wielding...he'll wait, trade equipment, but won't do favours. (Not his style, really).

Secondly, Brynjolf can be a lover.  After you ask if you are "more than friends", you can don an Amulet of Mara...and see what you get.  There is a lot he will offer you....intimacy, background tales, arguments... even very spouse-like duties, but you'll do it on his terms.   Get married to someone else, while you're fooling around, and he'll have his say. Become a vampire, he'll notice and try to help.   Break up with him...everything seem fine, until you ask him back.  (really, my favourite part!) And you can only do this once. He has different agendas for the day and evening.  Evening exchanges are moved forward by short discourse during the daytime. Bug him; he'll react.This is how you get maximum effect from the mod.  And you can really spin it out over time and quests.  It's more convincing if you do.  Don't just hang around the Flagon. (And of course,  Bryn's door swings both ways.)  Once you're involved, don't forget to ask Vex and Delvin their opinion on your union.  The Family gossips.

The Vault
As an aside, you can exercise more Guild Master duties, in particular, you can refill the Vault with treasure. You can ask Delvin Mallory to open the Vault at any time.  Lock the Vault to reset the command, and send Delvin back to the Flagon. 
Inside the vault:
Beneath Nocturnal's banner, you will find an "offering bowl".  It acts like a workbench, and allows you to refill the empty chests with treasure.  This works well with a fabulous mod called "Following Mercer: A Thieves Guild Quest" by MaryPele, that sends you through several challenging dungeons to reclaim the guild's lost wealth.  Open the Vault, and you can stow the treasure again.  both Delvin and Brynjolf will comment on the growing wealth.


If the vault is lying open, close the door then ask Delvin to unlock it.  This a) gets it locked and b) sets Nocturnal's Offertory bowl .

I was able to provide the dialogue for the quests by re-cutting Robin Atkin Downes excellent voice work. Considering he's generally all-business, Bryn now has a surprising amount to say on other topics.  

Thank you "Audacity", thank you "Voice File Reference Tool" by Belethor's General Goods", 
Thank you "Unfuzer" and the "BSA Browser", available with Bethesda's Fall Out.  
Thanks to Whitefox69, this mod no longer requires USLEEP.
Thank you to Rider and her  Story "Of Kings and Thieves"
(The writer started Of K&T with this mod as a kindling and took it to amazing heights. I think she got the Enforcer just about right!)

And a Heartfelt THANK YOU to the BETA testers and every Player who gave me feedback on the mod, especially:
Rider, Jo_Cash, denstat,  Antares, LillyBears and ashamrock4u.

Requires no DLC's; Cleaned with TESEdit.

Note: This mod does not include sex-animation :  this is the dialogue; please use with your favourite action mod. And, though not obscene, it is intended for adults. 


This mod works well with 
Following Mercer: A Thieves Guild Quest; 
Rune and Sapphire as Followers
Become a Bard (so far, so good)
Multiple Followers Lite (seems okay too)
Unique follower characters like Inigo and Benjamin Doon
Follower Commentary Overhaul
Immersive patrols
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (probably)
Convenient Horses

Known Conflicts 
Thieves Guild Former Glory
Anything that mods the TG Cistern room
Check all follower mods!

Thank you immensely, for your kind endorsements.