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Let it all out! Improves upon all the shouts in Skyrim in a fair and balanced way by cutting down the cooldown timer effects, thus allowing the player to use a host of shouts in innovative, devastating combinations. Also adds unique effects to some shouts. Flagged ESL and yes, It's compatible with Ordinator, too.

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This mod alters nearly every shout by either increasing its damage, increasing its duration, or adding new, unique effects. Additionally, all shouts have been altered to reduce cooldown, allowing the player to use shouts in devastating combinations to enhance combat. This mod uses no scripts and can be installed or uninstalled on a new or existing saves at any time.

Utility shouts and low-tier damage shouts such as fire breath now both have very low cooldown times so that combat can be more dynamic and complex. Whereas previously it did not makes sense to use these less powerful shouts because their cooldown time was so great, it will now feel natural to add lower-tier damage shouts and utility shouts back into your combat repertoire. 

For example, you could use the sprint shout to move quickly out of the line of fire, shoot an arrow, use a low-tier fire breath shout, attack with a sword, and then finish your adversary off with a high-tier fire breath shout. Such a combat sequence is very easy with this mod and makes fighting much more interesting.

The Mod is also flagged ESL

NOTE: This mod will not make you overpowered. Instead, it will make combat more dynamic and interactive.

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In this video, you will see:
1st- The invisibility effect I made on the Become Ethereal shout using its 3rd word (an effect I added)
2nd- Whirlwind Sprint using its 3rd word (I then made a mistake and accidentally used its first word)
3rd- Fire Breath using the first word only
4th- Slow Time using the first word only
5th- Storm Call using its 3rd word, shrouding me in electricity (an effect I added)

Shout Changes:

Dragon Aspect:
  • The shout Dragon Aspect has been modified by my mod More Draconic Aspect - Become the Dragonborn which modifies the cooldown, duration, and provides the dragon born with wings, the ability to glide, and optionally gives the power of flight.

  • This mod is also compatible with Ordinator. We do not overwrite each other in the slightest
  • This mod is also compatible with Thunderchild. To avoid complications, load my mod AFTER Thunderchild in your load order.

  • Only Skyrim is Required (Any Version)
  • To install, use NMM 
  • For manual installation, extract the rar file to your data folder

  • None