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A Glorious Revision of the Shout Dragon Aspect. This mod is a highly compatible immersive add-on mod that alters the shout Dragon Aspect, you will now grow actual dragon wings and will be able to fly and glide. This mod is a rebirth of the original mod More Draconic Dragon Aspect which is integrated into this mod.

Permissions and credits

A Glorious Revision of the Shout Dragon Aspect and a Rebirth of the
Original Classic Skryim LE Mod More Draconic Dragon Aspect

Remember: if you like it, ENDORSE IT!

I was completely underwhelmed by the Dragon Aspect shout that you get in the Dragonborn DLC, and this mod aims to change that. Now when you get the third word of Dragon Aspect you release your inner dragon and seamlessly grow actual dragon wings, can glide, and fly, while still getting the hefty bonuses incurred by the shout. This mod is a remaster of the original mod More Draconic Aspect which is merged with my original mod Become the Dragon born and as such includes the features from both mods making this mod stand alone

I created this merged port version because my mod Become the Dragonborn was dependent on More Draconic Dragon Aspect but since that mod was hidden in skyrim SE by another user (not the original mod author) no one was able to use my mod. After acquiring the permissions I was able to release the mod and merge it with my mod, I hope you all enjoy. 

  • Optional Immersive patch for Flying Mod Beta which removes the clunky way that the user received the flying spell. Also as a bonus my patched version is properly converted since the official port of Flying Mod Beta for Skyrim SE was never actually converted. Please note that you do not need this patch for this mod to work. (Optional)
  • Resurrects the original mod for Skryim LE More Draconic Dragon Aspect which is fully integrated into this mod - now when you learn the 3rd word of Dragon Aspect you will now grow wings. 
  • FOMOD installer which allows you to choose your wings right away, and these wings can be changed at any time in your play through. Original More Draconic Dragon Aspect as well as Animated Dragon Wings in both large and small sizes are included in the installer. Additionally user can select either the wings only option or wings and tail option.
  • Optional gliding physics which allow the user to glide down once they have their dragon wings from the 3rd word of Dragon Aspect. Additionally the user will be able to attack while falling. (Optional)
  • Once the user uses the 3rd word and grows his dragon wings they will automatically be given a flying spell allowing them to take to the air. Once the Dragon Aspect Shout finishes the flying spell will be removed, the wings will disappear, and the player will no longer be able to glide or fly. (Optional - and requires  Flying Mod Beta)

If flying integration is selected:
  • First install Flying Mod Beta and the secondary Flying Mod Overhauled file hosted on the Flying Mod Beta page
  • (Optional) Second Install Flying Mod Rework hosted on Animated Wings Ultimate - Overwrite All when prompted
  • Third install my mod and Overwrite All when prompted - aka overwrite both Flying Mod Rework and/or Flying Mod Beta

NOTE: If you would like to further customize flying integration you can use the Flying configuration spell via hitting the Tilda key "~" and then typing the following command: "player.addspell XX01F56C" XX represents the place your load order the mod is in. Once the spell is added use the spell to configure and when done use the command "player.removespell XX01F56C"

If Flying  integration is NOT selected:
  • Just install my mod as you normally would and you will be fine this mod doesn't require anything else

load order should be :

-Any mod that alters the shout Dragon Aspect shouts 3rd word. (Only the 3rd word is edited.)
-Flying Mod Beta (This is only required if flying integration is selected in the mod installation)
-More Draconic Aspect - Become The Dragonborn

  • There are no issues with this mod.

  • This mod will need to be placed after any mod that alters the 3rd word of the Dragon Aspect Shout. Again Please follow the load order instructions and everything will work out of the box as expected. 
  • Concerning Animated Wings Ultimate my mod and that mod are compatible actually for the most part I just wouldn't recommend that you use his wings at the same time as using the shout to get my wings. the wings would clip. Our scripts for glide effect would work side by side since i made mine from scratch myself and shouldn't really interact with each other either - as for his flying integration based on my review I think he integrated it in a similar way as I did via using Flying mod beta so it will be okay and both mods will toggle flight .
  • Using Animated Wings Ultimate Wings: If you want to use any of his wings in my mod the solution is VERY simple. Just unpack his mod and then extract the wing mesh from his mod that you want to use and then just change the name to "dragonbornfxwings" and put it in the following folder structure and install it like you would a mod and BAM you get your flavor of wings:  Data\meshes\dlc02\effects\dragonbornfxwings.nif. Also its important to note if the wing mesh has a custom texture then you will need to pull his texture as well - dont change the name of it or folder path just drop it in as is.

Special Thanks:

  • Special thanks and tons of credit to Anton0028 for creating the original dragon wings that we all know and love. Thank you for allowing me to use them in my mod! Please if you like the wings in this mod drop over and give him a kuddos look up all of his mod work download some and endorse it. He is a talented modder with a lot of classic mod hits. Please concider throwing him a couple dollars too for a coffee sometime - he absolutely deserves it.
  • Special thanks to porroone for allowing us to modify his .esp to create patches etc you are a hero!
  • Special thanks to Stania for making the original More Draconic Dragon Aspect mod for Skryim LE. Thank you for having the permissions that allowed me to keep the original mod alive and build on it to make it as relevant today as when it first came out. 

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