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Hello and I am glad you checked out my profile. Select the "User Files" tab to view all of my mod work. I work professionally as a Business Analyst (I design and update programs for a client) and have been modding as a hobby for about 15 years. The first game I modded was actually Warcraft 3. Using the creation engine in that game I actually made my own game with custom art assets and that's how I got started into modding. It would be a few years later that I got into modding for Bethesda games and since then I have dedicated myself more to that effort in regards to mod creation. I have been a mod user for numerous games however.


I fully beat fallout 4 and it took me around 1800 hours total to do so and now am playing both Fallout New Vegas and Skryim SE since I have never actually beat those games. I typically mod games that I am currently playing but I fully support and help users who use my mods regardless of if im playing the game currently or not. If you message me i'll likely get back to you in the hour, if you comment on my mod page i'll get back to you within the day. As of 2021 I currently plan to potentially release maybe 1 or 2 more mods for Skryim SE and update my needs mod with one last big update but after that I think ill be done with modding for Skryim SE. Moving forward I do plan to get back into Fallout 4 VR which means I'll likely get into modding for it in the near future.


Modding aside and one thing that will be impacting my modding work is my plan to develop my own game from scratch using the newest Unreal Engine. Once development gets into full swing I will be dedicating a lot of time to that effort and sometime after modding will slowdown or stop for a interim depending on where I am at in my development of my game.


I am familiar with the following modding concepts and can help or speak to them if someone has a question:

- Database table changes in a creation engine (from creating NPC's to scenes to making custom spells all of that falls into this category

- Sound editing

- lip syncing and voice recording

- texture editing

- Level design like creating rooms or dungeons

- Rigging meshes with a custom texture

- scripting (I can do it but I am slow and each script takes a lot of work on my part I am self taught in that regard)

- modeling (I am not a novice but I am far from talented or qualified. Modeling has a a large number of facets

  there are meshes that can have more then one state or move, the later two I still don't fully grasp and are black

  magic to me. Static meshes I can do but again they wouldn't necessary be pretty. This skill is what im currently

  working on perfecting along with its associated texture.



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