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Absorb dragon souls with a valiant shout and epic build music followed by a cinematic explosion of power. Everything is customizable - vocals can be male, female, or just instrumental. This mod is universally compatible, can be easily installed on new or existing saves, and is available in either English or Chinese.

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  • Mandarin
  • Italian

Remember: if you like it, ENDORSE IT!

This mod was inspired by the E3 demo and by the Dragon Soul Absorption More Glorious mod. I found that the Dragon Soul Absorption mod from old Skryim completely ruined my save because it was too complex, changing scripts and other effects unnecessarily. Since I write and record music frequently, I decided to make my own, high-quality sound files. This mod is entirely my own and has no connection to any other mod. 

As of version 2.0+, this mod has both male and female Dragonborn screams.
As of Version 2.5 and per user requests, optional ritual spell animation replacers have been added which will replace all master level spell animations. The character will now take a knee when absorbing a dragon soul or float high up in the air.

  • This mod is compatible with all mods but will be overwritten by mods that alter the dragon soul absorption sound file.
  • The mod adds an optional and customizable spell (see images tab) to be used when absorbing a dragon soul. It will renew the Dragonborn's strength and optionally adds an epic explosive effect. The spell animation used will be the same as the animation you use for your Destruction master spells. (See Screenshots)
  • As of version 2.6+, there are now also optional ritual spell replacer animations which will replace the master level spell animations. You will either take a knee as the power overwhelms you or float high up into the sky (See Screenshots). This option was made to provide alternate animations for the character when absorbing a dragon soul.
  • This mod has many dragon soul absorption sound files to choose from that can be played and changed at any time. They include music that builds up to a Dovakhiin scream from the player and end with 2 different and optional versions of the Skyrim theme.
  • There is now an optional official Chinese translation of the mod available as an optional file as well.

Non-Scripted Version:

The non-scripted version puts all of the control into the player's hand. Animations for the non-scripted version are triggered manually by the player. Details on the non-scripted version and how to trigger the animations are found below.

Scripted Version:

The scripted version of this mod will trigger the animation automatically for the player. Details on the scripted version are found below:

Video Showcase

0.00 - Build music and Scream variation showcase
02.25 - Optional Animations Showcase
04.32 - Ending Music Showcase
05.45 - Explosive Effects

Youtuber Showcase:

  • Skyrim SE is all that is needed
  • To install, just use NMM to use the FOMOD installer
  • If installing manually, extract the mod files and drop the option you would like to your Data folder

  • There are no game-breaking issues with this mod
  • Please note that if, for example, you kill a dragon while in vampire or werewolf form, the epic build music and scream (if you chose to play one) will still play. This is because I replaced the extant audio files with my new and improved ones. Again, however, you can choose to have no build music and/or no scream instead.
  • The mod Mira has one issue that I have brought to the attention of that mod author. Mira has a custom spell that calls to the vanilla dragon soul absorption sound files that I alter. Using my mod in conjunction with Mira WILL NOT cause problems for your game, but when you use the ability "lend me your power" with Mira, my epic build sound file will play, which may seem out of place. This issue cannot be fixed on my end, but it is minor (not at all game-breaking).

Huge Special Thanks:

Special thanks to pra for all his help with the script. Pra, you are a scripting god! Please check out  pra's mods for fallout 4 he does amazing work and is a pleasure to work with.

By downloading this mod you understand that this mod is my intellectual property. You are not allowed to re-distribute my mod on another page without my permission or profit from any part of my mod. Publishing this mod on other sites for profit without permission will not be tolerated.

Available Here

Available Here