About this mod

A comprehensive fantasy style overhaul for Skyrim featuring dead and living trees with new forested areas. Updated 5/14/19 performance versions now available with lower size textures

Permissions and credits
Dark Forests of Skyrim

by mobiusbelmont

This mod is a comprehensive, dark fantasy style, landscape overhaul for Skyrim.  The landscape will look VERY different and this mod will breathe new life to your game. 

Mod Details:

DFOS features include over 4000 hand placed flora (trees, shrubs, mushrooms, etc).  Now featuring Mathy79's 3-D trees

The models used in this mod are resources from the Nexus.  Some were altered in nifskope  to create some variety among the dead tree models available. 
See the bottom of the page for the authors of some great resources used to make this mod.  Please consider donating to these amazing and talented artists.

There are two versions of this mod: 

the regular version does NOT change vanilla trees and is therefore compatible with Skyrim Flora Overhaul, Enhanced Vanilla Trees, and any other mod that changes vanilla trees.

The FULL version changes vanilla trees to 3D trees in addition to adding new trees and forests.  (NOTE: the full version incorporates my other mod All Dead Trees)


ALL DLCs required!!

This mod adds thousands of hand placed trees and flora to Skyrim, and its impossible to make this compatible with every single player home or other mod which adds static objects.  if you have a tree growing through your house or town, please just delete it with the command console

Technically any tree or landscape overhaul with be compatible with Dark Forests if those overhauls have billboards and that you use either program above to generate LOD.  If the mods you are combining with DFOS add objects or trees you may have some clipping, that can remedied with the 'disable' feature in the command console.  I use mods like Great Forest of Whiterun Hold with minimal issues.

If you want to mix and match landscape or tree overhauls you will need to generate tree LOD using DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen.   


Install ONLY ONE MAIN file:

FULL Version changes vanilla trees, normal version does not.

Core Files plus Billboards require DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen. 

Performance versions for each regular and FULL version of DFOS are in the optional files section.  Install a main file first, then overwrite with performance textures should you desire them

The Old version with 2D tree models is still available in the old files section.   This version is no longer supported

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2.0: initial release

2.1: reduced size of aspens for all main files to prevent pop-in effect

2.2: optimized all textures, removed problematic larger vanilla pines/reverted to vanilla sized pines, all main files now have better tree LOD that includes the giant junipers, and giant juniper billboard added to 'core plus BB' full version

2.5: removed some floating trees (including the one above bleakwind basin), removed some billboards and LOD for problematic models, added dead juniper trees to The Reach, and added about 200 more trees to all the provinces (more coming in future updates) 

hotfix for 2.5: fixed floating mushrooms in Eastmarch hot springs

2.6:   - fixed mis-matched LOD 
   - Vurt Bent Pines and other models now have 3-D LODs
   -  fixed floatin mushrooms in Eastmarch
   - added dead junipers to the Reach
   - removed and replaced some aspen models in the Rift
   - added patch for Tamu75 Alternative Aspens

2.7:- fixed mountain blocking the entrance to Mzulft
- added patch for SFO and Dark Fantasy Overhaul
- tested LOD for all trees and replaced billboards for problematic models with CK 'full lod' option
- added over 500 vanilla pines to Falkreath and Haafingar
- added more groves of unique trees
- confirmed compatibility with Skyrim Bigger Trees and added patch for vanilla Skyrim 
- re-worked some of the textures for the 3AM dead pines and the redwoods
- added aspen tree patches for vanilla Skyrim and SFO for version 2.7
- added standalone version 2.7

UPDATE 2.7:  vastly improved dead snowy pine textures added (high and low res) by Zhoulia

3.0:- fixed some bad meshes
- created missing normal maps
- added more trees all areas except Whiterun
- fixed Billboards
- added 3D LODS for use with DynDOLOD

3D-1- removed old tree models and replaced with Mathy79's 3D trees
 - edited tree models adding new leaf colors and created dead tree models by removing some branches
 - cleaned plugin and removed dirty edits
 - added new version that changes vanilla trees to 3D trees 
 - added performance versions with reduced texture sizes for both normal and FULL versions of DFOS

 Mathy79 for the 3D tree models
Tamu75 for the aspens
HiltsBrandon for Aspens to Cherry Blossoms
Mentha for the More Colorful Trees resource 
Phitt for the Sheogorad resource
GKB for the lovely green tree resource
Vurt for some dead models, a few textures and the large juniper trees
3AMt for the dead pines
Elenin and Ztree for their outstanding tree resource
Zilav for the amazing billboard generator tool and TES5LODGen
Sheson for DynDOLOD