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Immerse yourself with this performance ENB optimized for dark, immersive nights and a quality Bokeh DOF.

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A simple performance ENB with a quality Bokeh depth of field and clear, pinkish, mountain air lighting.
Named after Sylgja from Shor's Stone, who is my favorite wife in Skyrim.

Designed for use with Rustic, Mythical Ages or Vivid Weathers mods. If the sky is too bright on other weather overhauls, open the ENB (shift+enter)
and deselect bloom on the left panel. Save config, then apply changes so next time you run your game, it's applied.


Depth of field ~ The depth of field was carefully adjusted to give you a pentagonal Bokeh blur like in the title, but only if you're very close to an object. Conversations and general activities are natural, with minimal blur that won't throw you out of the experience. Unless of course, you like to have conversations as close as they do in Oblivion, in that case open up the ENB and lower the blur if you like.

Taste the mountain air ~ The lighting recolor is strongly influenced by my love of those mountain photography shots with pinkish clouds. They've always reminded me of Skyrim, so I made this ENB to bring their lifelike colors into consideration.

Terrors in the dark ~ Night in medieval/fantasy settings wouldn't be daytime with a blue tint. I've given nights the immersive darkness, terror and slight desaturation that they should've had. If you choose to pass up the closest inn at dusk, may the Nine have mercy on your soul.*

*Brighter nights version now available for those that can't see anything.

Compass Alignment ~
 I've aligned the letterbox effect to the exact center of the compass. I recommend using SkyHUD for the best experience.

ENB adjustment hotkeys:
shift+enter opens settings
shift+F12 turns off the ENB


  • Download ENB V0.310 from ENBDev. Take the wrapper's contents and paste them into your SkyrimSE root folder.
  • Download Sylgja ENB and paste the folder contents into your SkyrimSE root folder. When prompted say yes to overwrite.
  • Download Matso Immersive Sun for SSE using your preferred mod manager or paste the textures folder into your SkyrimSE/Data subdirectory.
  • All done!

I have a GTX 970 and get solid 60FPS. This is a performance ENB, so if your card can't handle this ENB, then just don't use ENB. I won't be troubleshooting performance issues. However, that said, you can turn off the DOF, turn down the Bokeh quality to improve performance.

  • I created the ENB preset.
  • Boris Vorontsov for creating ENB. Without him, none of this would be possible.
  • Marty McFly for the Lightroom & Bokeh DOF shader parameter resources.
  • Tapioks for the ENB DNI resource.
  • I recommend endorsing the resources linked above if you enjoy this ENB so their visibility is increased and included in more presets in the future.