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This is a standalone version of the weapons, armor, and clothing overhaul that is included in The Cathedral Concept - Total Visual Overhaul.

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The Cathedral Concept
Weapons, Armor, and Clothing

The Cathedral Concept is a comprehensive visual overhaul for Skyrim. It is lightweight, consisting mostly of retextures and improved models, so that you can use it as a foundation without having to worry extensively about compatibility. This mod page is for the weapons, armors, and clothing found in The Cathedral Concept. You are welcome to join us on our discord if you have any questions, want to provide feedback or even want to help with the effort, you can also check out the other mods in The Cathedral Concept if you are curious.

The following authors have contributed with their mods below. Consider that modifications have been made and WAC does not necessarily reflect the authors' original works. Please download, endorse, donate, or leave comments of support to the following authors for their contributions to Skyrim modding and The Cathedral Concept.  



To understand compatibility, you need to understand how this mod was made. Cube maps have been added to metal armors and weapons so they actually look like metal. This means we had to replace the vanilla meshes. Because of this, for any mod that overwrites these meshes, you'll want to enable the same cube maps in order to have consistent appearance among your gear. We did this for the weapons and shields from LeonWolf and Insane Armory. If you do not do this, the worst that will happen is some of your gear will look shiny, and some of it won't. MTichenor explains how to do this on his posts section of SkyRealism. 

For most of the iron weapons and scimitar, these have completely new models and new textures. Do not overwrite iron weapon or scimitar textures or you may find that your meshes aren't properly uv mapped. Again, the worst that will happen is aesthetic compromise. 

For improved closed-faced helms, you can grab the SkyRealism patch from the Oldrim nexus page to overwrite! These do not require SSE-optimization, they work out-of-the-box without issue. In fact, SSE-optimizing Oldrim meshes degrades the mesh quality and should not be done when it can be avoided. 

Believable Weapon Patch
Armor Mesh Fixes SE
Armor Variants Expansion


There are two primary philosophies when it comes to modding, Parlor and Cathedral, originally coined by the former modder, Wrye.

In the Parlor view, we consider mods as privately owned works of art displayed in a modder's parlor. We invite others to come appreciate our work. We directly receive compliments and endorsements, encouraging us to produce further work. 

In the Cathedral Concept, we consider modding a joint effort. We share our work with each other to foster further mod development, to keep the community alive, and to contribute in the construction of mods of monumental scale. Individually, our contributions may be small and not worth doing for themselves, but by each person contributing something, we construct something larger and more worthwhile than any of us could do on our own.