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High Res textures for the common folks of Skyrim.
All 29 Outfits retextured to 2048 x 2048!
In the style of the original outfits. Version 1.8.1 is out!
Expansion pack available!

Permissions and credits

Screenshots of the dirt version in the User Image section! Uploaded by Jeir

most screenshots are of older versions

[size= 20]There is an option for more dirt[/size]
There is also an optional 1024 x 1024 version

If you want to use another mod for some of the clothing, just install it after this mod and overwrite

I made this mod because some NPCs like the merchants, have very low resolution textures on their clothing. Every time you are in a shop you have to look at their clothing, nice to have something better to look at:)

in my opinion i have kept the feeling of the original textures. Textures are 2048 x 2048 (Original 512 x 512) so if you want to really see the difference, dont look at the clothes from afar but close up:)

I have not changed shoes, bracers, etc.. And i dont think i will, the resolutions are good enough for small objects and i think it would affect performance for some people. I will of course do it if i find a case where its necessary ( or any of you suggests it), but i wont do it by default.

May be a good idea to use the 4GB mod with these textures. ( there is a new patch from bethesda that fixes this issue)

These 512x512 textures HAVE been enhanced,
in order of apperance:

- Wench/ Singer- Female
- All Regular Merchants
- Fine Clothes without pelt
- Male Innkeeper/ Barkeeper
- Female Innkeeper/Barkeeper
- Male and Female Fine Clothes with Pelt
- Male Wench
- Wedding Clothes
- All Farmclothes (also in seperate file)
- All Blacksmiths (also in seperate file)
- Wedding dress
- Children Clothes
- Beggar Clothes
- Chef
- Executioner-(check the screenshot!:))
- All Miner Clothes
- Dark Brotherhood Robe (Dark brotherhood non- Armor)
- Jester- Male and Female
- Mourners clothes
- Mythic Dawn Robe
- Sheogorath

These 1024x1024 textures HAVE been enhanced,
in the expansion pack:


Version 1.0 includes:
-Wench outfit for females
-Merchant: Female, Male and their variations
-Fine Clothes (brown) more coming

Version 1.1
-Fine Clothes male
-Fixed Normal maps

Version 1.2
-No more plastic fine clothes outfit
-Female fine clothes
-Better Male Merchant
-Misc other stuff

Version 1.3
- All Male Innkeepers/ Barkeepers Retextured.

Version 1.4
- All Female Innkeepers

Version 1.5
- Male Wench
- Fine Clothes with Bearpelt Male
- Fine Clothes with Bearpelt Female
- Wedding clothes

Version 1.6
-All 4 Categories of Farm Clothes are retextured,
a Total of 8 and their variations!

Version 1.6.1
-Blacksmiths, Male and female and their variations

Version 1.6.2
- Better fine clothes Fur
- Weddingdress
- All children clothes
- Beggar clothes
- Chef clothes
- Executioner
- All Miner Clothes

Version 1.7.0
- Dark Brotherhood Robe added
- Added high Res Broterhood hood
- Jester- Male and Female
- Added Mourners clothes
- Mythic Dawn Robe
- Sheogorath

- Reduced the size of the detailing on the skirt of the grey poor/farmer dress.
- Removed som "noise" from some farmers
- Minor change to Wench
- color and shine on Ysoldas outfit fixed
- Added a little bit Blacksmith soot
- Darker fine clothes fur

Version 1.7.1
- Fixes missing Normal map

Version 1.8.0 (No Update because most files have been altered)
-Better shading
-Minor alterations
-some minor color changes
-Made some treadcounts higher

Version 1.8.1
-less vibrant fine clothes
-retextured female children clothes

Expansion Pack Version 1.0

Expansion Pack Version 1.1
-Better thalmor

- Zonzai (The jewelry on the Wench)
-Jeir (Taking pictures for me)


-This file can not be uploaded to other sites without my permission
-This file can not be altered and uploaded without my permission