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This is a combination of meshes and textures, designed to take maximum advantage of environment mapping to produce realistic looking metal weapons and armor.

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Environment Mapped Armors for Skyrim
by MTichenor


"This is THE BEST model and texture mod by far and without overstatement! It is what Skyrim was missing all this time and not one other re-texture mod did this tremendous change to the game. The amount of realism it brings cannot be described and it feels like it should have been in the game from the start." ~Yoichi83

"I only use the Daedric one (... for now =D) and it is absolutely superb work, probably the best retexture I've seen." ~ayvis

"I really wish that I could endorse on a file basis, this deserves a lot more than what it got :)" ~Spphy

"i love this mod - it makes the whole game much, much more immersive. nordic hero always looked like plastic and now it's shining bright in the sun, dwemer is awesome too. just amazin work, thanks a lot for that!" ~realnamuras

"Great MOD! Its a must have!" ~blanquicet13

"This looks beautiful. Can't play without it anymore. Thanks" ~schnubbel76


This is both a fix and a texture pack. The fix is to the vanilla weapon and armor meshes, enabling environment mapping and correcting bogus environment mapping values. The texture pack component is designed to take maximum advantage of environment mapping to produce realistic looking metal weapons and armor.


Amulets and Rings
Ancient Nord Weapons and Armor
Blades Weapons and Armor
Daedric Weapons and Armor
Dwarven Weapons and Armor
Ebony Weapons and Armor
Elven Weapons and Armor
Nord Hero Weapons
Nordic Weapons and Armor
Steel Plate Armor
Steel Weapons and Armor
Wolf Armor


Glass Weapons and Armor
Orcish Weapons and Armor
Silver Weapons and Scimitars


Iron Weapons and Armor
Nightingale Weapons and Armor


This contains mesh and texture edits and may be incompatible with other mods that have mesh or texture edits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this with aMidianBorn Book of Silence?
A: Yes and No. You can use some of these meshes with the aMidianBorn textures in order to correct (or enable) environment mapping. However, you should not mix-and-match textures between the two mods.

Q: Can I use this with (insert body mod here)?
A: Maybe. Changes to armor meshes will not be compatible, but apparently UNP Female Armors will work if you install it after installing Shiny (according to my roommate).

Q: It's too shiny! Can you reduce it?
A: Yes. However, I won't.

Q: Can you also do (insert item here)?
A: Maybe. If there's sufficient interest, I will.

Q: Why aren't Iron and Orcish items very shiny?
A: They already had environment mask textures that weren't in use. They weren't shiny, so I believe Bethesda intended them to be dull.


1.21: Fixed steel dagger normal map.

1.2: Updated textures and meshes to make steel not so eye-blindingly bright, but still shiny. Added celtic etching to steel helmet.

1.1: Added new environment maps. Changed meshes to use new environment maps. Changed textures to emphasize environment mapping effect. Fixed some broken normal maps (e.g. Blades Armor thigh and groin protectors). Changed some textures where clearly incorrect materials were in use (e.g. normal map details indicates stitching and leather surface on areas colored for metal).

1.0a: All meshes changed to support environment mapping and new environment mask textures for all items which did not already have environment masks.